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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Nanny's Cardboard Cops

Nanny's Carboard Cops

Nanny is very worked up about the increase in violent criminal behaviour in Britain. Not least because it negatively impacts her crime statistics.

One method of reducing criminal activity, or at least making people feel safer, is that of putting more "bobbies on the beat".

However, Nanny already has 7 million people working for her (such as community support officers, you know those people in funny blue uniforms who act like policemen but aren't); and frankly cannot afford to employ more front line staff, such as police on the beat, especially when she has a whole host of expensive new bureaucratic and middle management places that are to be created.

Therefore she has come up with the next best alternative.

Cardboard cut-out cops!

Yes that's right, cardboard cut-out cops.

Two of these new additions to Nanny's forces have been stationed in the A&E department of York district Hospital, in an attempt to deter violent behaviour against staff.

The cut outs have been supplied by the Safer York Partnership.

Now please don't snigger, that's very rude, the cut-outs have actually had some effect. They have increased public awareness about the issue of violent attacks on hospital staff.

Unfortunately, since being introduced 8 months ago, they have made no difference at all to the number of assaults on staff.

In other words they are inneffective.

Erm, isn't it the idea of these things that they should reduce the number of attacks?

To my mind, there is really rather a simple method to reduce the number of attacks on staff by patients.

Don't treat the violent patients, throw them out of the hospital and let them suffer/die.

It's cheap, simple and 100% effective.

I think that would get the message home to these violent morons pretty quickly.


  1. I believe somewhere tried a similar stunt to get motorists to slow down by stationing cardboard patrol cars on bridges. I think one of them got stolen which just goes to show their effectiveness. Mind you I would have liked to be a fly on the wall of the drunk student who woke up the following morning wondering why there was an empty curry container and a lifesize patrol car in his room.

  2. I am speechless, which is very unusual for me. What overpaid, unintelligent, government paid worker thought that up?
    Still they are a lot more concerned about catching people smoking so we can't have everything.
    One of the cardboard cars did get stolen and I am surprised that these two have not gone the same
    way by now.

  3. Apparently this trick is being used in sevral places and in the Forest of Dean they have got cardboard cutouts of Street Wardens. Now if they were fitted with small electric motors they would be able to travel round the patch, with a recording of "Hello, hello, hello, what's all this then" used at intervals.

  4. According to North Yorkshire Police they discovered the effectiveness of cardboard policemen over 10 years ago.

    "In 1993 someone came up with the bright idea of overcoming the continual problems of manpower shortages by introducing cardboard policemen. In August, one was placed in Morrisons in Ripon as a deterrent to shoplifters - inevitably it was stolen."


    Let me know if you see any more, I'd like one!!