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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Nanny Hates Democracy

Nanny Hates DemocracyThe recent collapse of the EU constitution (see "The EU Constitution The Longest Suicide Note In History"), as a result of the democratic actions of the French and Dutch, has led me to ponder a while on Nanny's schizophrenic views on democracy.

How sad am I?

On the one hand Nanny says that she is very supportive of democracy. She did, after all, happily invade Iraq; in order to overthrow a dictator, and to provide the Iraqi's with the peace and prosperity that they now enjoy.

Additionally, Nanny and her chum Gordon "Smiler" Brown have happily latched on to St Bob's plan to rid Africa of debt; that'll work!

Think I'm cynical about Africa?

Read my recent article "Make Poverty History", on my In Your Face site, and make your own minds up.

Smiler Brown has even encouraged people to demonstrate at the forthcoming G8 summit in Gleaneagles. That could turn quite ugly, so I can't but help feel that the good citizens of Gleaneagles may be a tad pissed off with Smiler.

However, grandstanding on the world stage means that Nanny and her friends can happily forget the local consequences of their actions. Playing the "we believe in democracy" card works very well for lazy politicians, who need a "big popular cause" to be seen to be associated with.

However, when the "chips are down" and things don't go the way that Nanny wants she reveals her true colours.

Nanny's chum Andrew Duff, a Liberal Democrat Member of the European Parliament, recently said in response to the vote against the EU constitution:

"the experience begs the question of whether it was ever appropriate to submit the EU Constitution to a lottery of uncoordinated national plebiscites".

In other words Nanny thinks that you, the voters, cannot be trusted with voting on what he perceives are important issues.

Nanny thinks you're thick!

His comment reveals the real thinking that goes on behind Nanny's smile.


  1. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Oh yes, heaven forbid anyone has a vote in which a population exercises the right of national self-determination.

  2. Seems to be a common theme amongst the Euro Elite,

    "It was a crucial mistake to send out the entire constitution to every French voter, the architect of the EU's first constitution Valéry Giscard d'Estaing has said in an interview."

    So much for trusting the electorate

    taken from

  3. And just out of interest being as how the EU is a multilanguage comunity does anyone know what the definitive language of the constitution was defined as?

    Seems to me that if I read a version in German it might have a slightly different meaning to a version in English.

  4. Anonymous1:33 PM

    A very apt picture, I think policies pursued by Blair are very similar to many of those of "Il Duce", all he needs to do is rachet up (by only a couple of notches) political repression and they will be inseparable on any political barometer.

  5. verulamgal2:07 PM

    I don't think nanny Bliar has the trains running on time.....yet, other wise yes I agree with you

  6. Anonymous3:43 PM

    the EU is a multilanguage comunity does anyone know what the definitive language of the constitution was defined as?

    All 21 versions are definitive (including Irish now). Since all natural languages are somewhat fuzzy and open to interpretation they need to be elucidated by a court. In EU's case the competent court is ECJ. The ECJ always favours an interpretation that implies "ever closer union".

    Yes, it's a pile of smelly stuff.