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Monday, June 13, 2005

Nanny's Mickey Mouse Subject

Nanny's Mickey Mouse SubjectRoll up, roll up!

For the easiest exam in Nanny's Britain.

Yes folks, Nanny is literally giving away thousands of GCSE qualifications in media studies this year.

As we all know, Nanny believes that everyone should go to university; something to do with keeping the unemployment figures down.

Unfortunately, owing to Nanny's inability to teach children how to read the word "cat" by the age on 9 (see earlier post "Nanny Bans Words - Epilogue"), she is having something of an uphill struggle; even with "piss easy" subjects such as media studies.

Therefore she came up with a real barnstormer of an idea.

Why not just give the qualifications away?

That way everyone can gain enough GCSE's to enter university.

Soon we will all have degrees, and life will be perfect!

Nanny has decided to allow children, sitting the media studies GCSE, to see the exam papers 4 weeks before taking them.

Sixteen-year-olds taking the media studies GCSE were given the full set of questions a month in advance, to allow them to prepare for the three-hour exam.

This exam accounts for 50% of the total marks.

Media studies is taken by 40000 pupils, how odd!

Needless to say, some people (myself included), are suggesting that this makes media studies even more of a "Mickey Mouse" subject than before.

Nick Seaton, the chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, said:

"This seems to negate the purpose of an exam and increase the disdain in which many of our exams are now held".


"It really makes a mockery of the system and undermines the achievement of those who have worked hard".

Last year 97.6% of candidates passed the paper, with 60% achieving A grades.

We are breeding a nation of empty headed morons.

This of course suits Nanny perfectly, nobody will have the wit or intelligence to challenge her.


  1. A few weeks ago I suggested to Mrs Kelly that if they made exmas any eassier they might as well give the candidates a Pass. I never thought that they would actually do it.

  2. what I would really like to see is a set of interviews with some of the 2.4% who failed the exam last year.

    I reckon thats about 960 people and I don't know whether to be scared or to pity them.

  3. Why not just print University degrees on the back of Cornflake packets? You could collect a set or just those ones you fancied. Leave the space blank for the name and voila! instant Degrees for everyone.

    If the person concerned couldn't write their name, then I'm sure a cottage industry would spring up to cater for this eventuality.

    All the Government would have to do is pass a law making good quality cardboard mandatory for cornflakes pacckets.

  4. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Have any of u actuly done media studies? If not then why bother commenting? Media is the fastest growing industry in the world. I think this fact makes it a worth while subject! Media studies is the best, don't diss untill you try! And every1 passes because it's takes by YOUTHS, youths are exposed to media more than anyone. And the fact that the teaching is getting better helps. How the hell dose learning about isosceles triangles & trigonometry help me? Not al all!