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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Dangers of Swimming

The Dangers of SwimmingNanny must have hated swimming as a child, for she certainly seems to have it in for swimmers these days.

Her chums at Huntingdonshire District Council have come up with an observation of the "bleedin obvious"; namely that people who swim may drown.

No kidding!

To this end, they have stated that those who swim in lakes and rivers face a "very real" threat of drowning.

As if that were not enough, they also warn that people who swim there may catch Weil's disease.

Pat Knight, countryside services manager, said:

"It is important people of all ages are informed of the risks and take responsibility for their own actions.

Swimming is not permitted in the untreated waters and must only occur in supervised swimming pools.

When an injury or incident occurs it causes distress to many people

Nanny has placed her Council Rangers on full alert.


Anyone found swimming will be told to get out of the water.

As if Nanny has not said enough about the dangers of swimming, she also warns that you might get cramp if the water is too cold.

Remember folks, "The risk of drowning is very high."

However, Nanny does say that we should travel and work as normal in London.

Her risk scale needs some adjustment I would say.


  1. Chris1:54 PM

    If this Pat Knight had followed

    "It is important people of all ages are informed of the risks and take responsibility for their own actions."

    With "so we'll just leave them to it" then they might be worth listening to.

  2. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Huntingdonshire District Council, should not limit their concerns to water in their own area. No in order to fully protect their subjects they should ensure that all those who live in their area are banned from the sea.

    That is after all an expanse of untreated water.

  3. Old Jacques3:10 PM

    This is starting (scarily) to sound more and more like Italian law: a "very real" threat sounds like the difference between "vietato" (prohibited) and "severamente vietato" (very prohibited) which is a much more serious offense (even though the fines are indifferent).

    The difference stands (usually, but not always) in the vehemence in which law enforcement tends to search out those who violate the law.

  4. Old Jacques3:12 PM

    Sorry, rereading, I probably wasn't clear; both offenses are equally illegal: just some are more illegal than others...

  5. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Not only but also ... I am informed by my sister that her daughter's school trip to the seaside has been cancelled by the LEA.

    Reason being, apparently, there is too much water there (hence too risky).

  6. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Actually, the danger of drowning isn't caused in any ways from swimming.

    It is NOT swimming which tends to be so much riskier...

  7. Anonymous6:50 PM

    I am now 78 and lived in Godmanchester as a boy.

    It was a dump then and it is dump now. There was no swimming pool in Godmanchester or the neighbouring Huntingdon.

    After school and all through the summer holidays the boys went to the Great Ouse weir pool and swam naked. Sometimes there would be twenty or so boys in the water or or swinging from ropes or running about on the banks. People would come and watch us.

    What would the nanny state say now bout boys swmming naked and people watching them?