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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Nanny Bans Skirts - Update

Nanny Bans Skirts-UpdateYou will recall my earlier post, entitled "Nanny Bans Skirts", about the decision of Broadstone Middle School to ban skirts.

Seemingly they are trying to "degender" their pupils.

How unpleasant!

Anyhoo, I am pleased to see that the parents of the children who attend this school are not taking this absurd ruling lying down.

They are fighting back, and using Nanny's own Human Rights legislation to fight her with.

The parents have hired Gregory Carlin, director of the Catholic organisation Irish Anti-Trafficking Coalition, to fight their case.

The Coalition normally investigates crimes, such as sex slavery.

Carlin says the regulation breaches human rights.

He will use the counter argument to the ban, of sexual harassment and gender subordination in court; he believes that the school has no chance of winning.


"Girls have a legal right to be girls..A rule that targets one sex or another is wrong. It discriminates against girls...

I am going to write to the school outlining we will take them to court if they implement the policy

Adding that well worn phrase:

"It's political correctness gone mad."

Maybe, if the school has half a brain, they will rescind this dictat before it ends up in court.

That of course would require Nanny to show some common sense; something that she seems have in rather short supply.


  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    "If the school has half a brain..."
    I think you may be asking for too much.

  2. I would have thought this will end up in court, after all it's not their money that is being wasted - and they are secure in the knowledge that they are right because nanny says so.

  3. It wouldn't have anything to do with accomdating any muslem pupils would it?