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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

True Grit - Update

Following on from my earlier article today, entitled "True Grit", I am pleased to see that the US military have been reading this site; and have taken heed of what I said.

In the last hour it has been announced that the order forbidding US troops to enter the M25 Cordon Sanitaire around London has been rescinded.

Well done!

Now that I have the attention of the US, please could the Administration in Washington fix this other loose end?

It seems that for the last 18 months the US have not had an ambassador stationed in London.

This seems to be a tad odd, given the fact the US and the UK are meant to be "standing shoulder to shoulder" in the so called "war against terror".

Maybe it would be a good time to fix this absurd omission?


  1. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Common sense at last, because we all know that allowing troups to visit London is far more dangerous than packing them off to Iraq....

  2. Perhaps this is just one more example of the USA practising a subtle put-down against Blair.
    Now the airmen are back in London again,'due to popular demand'(as,no doubt, the Red Army would have been given half a chance).

  3. Will they get another medal for entering a "combat zone"?