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Friday, July 08, 2005

The Dangers of Egg and Spoon Races

The Dangers of Egg and Spoon racesNanny's chums in the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations have decided that the risk to children from paedophiles is now so great, that even the humble egg and spoon race poses a threat to the safety of children

They have issued an edict to head teachers telling them that cameras at such events must be banned, lest a paedophile is amongst the audience.

Er, surely only parents and friends of family are allowed to attend school events anyway?

Would it not be reasonable to assume that the parents can quite easily monitor their own guests for "threatening/risky" behaviour?

Or is it being suggested that the parents themselves are paedophiles?

Now, of course, I realise that it is entirely possible that some parents are paedophiles.

However, by making the assumption that all adults are paedophiles, unless proved otherwise, merely distort the "risk matrix" and gives the child an unhealthy sense of fear.

Fearful children become fearful adults, who are not capable of facing life's threats and dangers.


  1. When my children were doing a lot of competetive swimming, I often had to register in advance or at the door of the pool if I wanted to take pictures at competitions. In my opinion, that was (and is) fair enough since we're talking about taking pictures of children / young adults who are wearing swimming costumes.

    But egg and spoon races? If headteachers have any common sense, they'll boot this suggestion into touch. PTA's don't have any powers to force headteachers to bring in such a ban and as a parent, I would be very miffed if I wasn't allowed to take a picture of my children on their 'big day'.

  2. My child runs in a race, someone takes a photo, even if that person is a paedophile what exactly is the risk to my child?

  3. Words fail me...
    Just how moronic can some ideas become?? These people are obviously infected with a terminal case of PC - all their grey matter has been turned into sludge by this terrible disease.

  4. If a person can become sexually excited by looking at a clothed child, what is to stop them taking pictures anywhere that children play.
    If people want to take photos of their own kids at a school event, they should bloody well be allowed too...