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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Nanny Bans The Potter

Nanny Bans The PotterDear oh dear, you would have thought that with all that is going on in the world Nanny would have better things to do with her time than interfere in a planned fun day at a primary school.

Well you would be wrong.

Nanny likes nothing better than to stick her hooter (nose) into the minutiae of her "charges".

This time she has decided to interfere in the activities of the Holt Primary School in Skellingthorpe.

The school was to hold a Harry Potter day, whereby the pupils would dress as witches and wizards to mark the publication of the latest JK Rowling book.

However, the powers that be (ie the Rector and the Head Teacher Paul Martin) decided that this was not on; seemingly Nanny thinks that this day would lead the children into "areas of evil".

Needless to say Nanny's decision has succeeded in annoying everyone, children were said to have been left upset and confused by the cancellation of the day.

In a letter to parents, Paul Martin wrote:

"When I received a letter from the rector which suggested that I was 'seeking to lead our children into areas of evil', I felt that the situation was escalating disproportionately.

May I reassure parents that my staff and I only wished to raise the profile of reading.

We did not wish to cause any offence or upset and the fact that it has turned sour is entirely regrettable.

I now wish to put this behind us and pull together to make the end of term a happy and positive experience

Absolute nonsense!

Children can watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bewitched, Sabrina etc all perfectly freely.

How on earth could the Harry Potter book lead them down the path of evil?


  1. Yes, if you let your kids read Harry Potter then before you know it they will be holding regular Satanic coven meetings behind the bike sheds, drawing pentagrams in the gym store and sacrificing the swotty kid from form 2A to Beelzebub.

    Hysterical over-reaction, so amusing to watch, so saddening to see its effects.

  2. Original problem from "Some parents and the Rector"

    Pity the headmaster didn't have the spine to tell these busy bodies to go away (and if they feel theat strongly take their children with them)

  3. Anonymous1:14 PM

    So no Harry Potter, but we are allowed Paul Daniels and David Blaine!