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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Prats of The Week

Prats of The WeekTime for another of my prestigious "Prat of The Week" awards.

This time the award goes to an entire council, actually it often goes to entire councils; as they are remarkably adept at acting like prats.

Crawley council win this week's award, for their remarkably prat like behaviour recently over the dropping of two crisps (chips for my American readers) on the pavement (sidewalk).

Aside from the obvious fact that two crisps are very small, and indeed biodegradable, the story has added prat qualities in that the council fined the person who dropped the two crisps £80.

Who was that person?

Emily Jubb...

Oh, didn't I mention?

Emily is two years old!

Emily, dropped a packet of Quavers in Crawley, her grandmother then picked up the bag...but...

Wait for it!

Two stray Quavers fell upon the ground...much like the sin of Onan.

Nanny disapproves of that kind of thing and, out of nowhere, appeared two council wardens.

Mrs Jubb, speaking of one of the wardens, said:

"She promptly brought out her badge and said,

'You are being fined'.

I was absolutely gobsmacked

Councillor Beryl Mecrow said:

"People have a responsibility not to drop litter."

However, Crawley have been persuaded as to the stupidity of their action and have cancelled the fine.

How very magnanimous of them!

Crawley council, well deserved Prats of The Week.

Another example of why local councils are a waste of space.

Feel free to drop them an email


  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    The council quavered?

  2. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Hilarious!!!First, the chips would have been eaten in 2 minutes by a squirrel or bird.

    Second, too much onanism on the part of the council (what ever that is....American reader here)(a council that is, not onanism....we got plenty of that over here.)

    Third, how nice that your "yob" problem is solved so the powers that be can go after 2 yr old. //satire//


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