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Saturday, June 02, 2007

The World's Costliest Airline

The World's Costliest Airline
Off topic...sorry!

Those of you who use BA, and are a tad fed up with them, may find this to be of interest.

The World's Costliest Airline.

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  1. Grant1:04 AM

    Ah, well, last time I went to Spain on business was at the beginning of the 'we hate smoking on planes' period when something like 10% of seats were still available for those who preferred smoking. The seats were usually at the back of the plane. (or in the case of business class enabled seating, at the back of that section.

    However my return flight was on Iberia and the proportions seemed to be reversed in favour of the smokers. I was told by a fellow traveller that Iberia dare not try a ban or reduction because so many of their regular customers smoked.

    Presumably they have now fallen in line with the EU diktat since BA are operating the flight. On the other hand one wnders if the BA price is for smoke free and the Iberia price is for the smoking section ....