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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Auntie and Nanny



I couldn't but help smirk when I read that Nanny's chum Auntie is institutionally biased, according to an official report that was released this week just gone.

The report concludes a year long investigation, commissioned by Auntie (the BBC) herself, which has found that Auntie shows somewhat preferential favouritism towards her pet topics of single-issue politics eg; climate change, poverty, race and religion.

This bias extends to all areas including; news, drama, comedy and entertainment. The report notes that Auntie has a distasteful habit of "pandering" (given that pandas are on the edge of extinction, isn't that illegal?) to politically motivated celebrities and trendy causes.

Sir Bob Geldof's Live 8 concert and the Make Poverty History campaign is targeted as being promoted by Auntie without any form of debate about the issues, eg does it actually help Afirca to throw shit pots full of money at it?

Even the Vicar of Dibley befouled itself when, in the last ever episode, Dawn French showed a minute-long clip of the Make Poverty History video.

It seems that the liberal culture of Auntie's staff, and their tendency to "group think" is the main cause of the problem. In other words they behave like automatons, who have no freedom of thought or imagination to think for themselves (Nanny is trying to get the rest of us to behave like that).


"There is a tendency to 'group think'

with too many staff inhabiting a shared space

and comfort zone

Seemingly staff have adopted a "Roneo mentality", where they ape each other's common liberal values.

Auntie's executives also admitted that they would broadcast images of a Bible being thrown away, but not the Koran for fear of offending Muslims. The BBC deliberately championing multiculturalism and ethnic minorities, while betraying an anti countryside bias.

Auntie had better sharpen up, or else she will find that more people will refuse to pay her absurd licence fee.


  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I wonder how much that report cost?

    All they had to do was ask the man in the street and they'd have got the same answers!

  2. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Or the man on the Clapham omnibus. Can I say 'clap' on this website?

    Dog. :o(

  3. Grant1:11 AM


    I think 'clap' is probably safe.

    'ham', on the other hand, may well offend large numbers of people.


  4. Contrary to "received opinion" it is possible to do without a TV Licence, just do without the TV! Just think about how much time it wastes. Surely there are better, more enjoyable, ways of wasting our time! Everybody else talks about the soaps at work, so you never need feel left behind on the plot, if any.

    Then one can leave it to others to fund the waste of space.The only snag is the bullies at TV Licensing who won't believe you, but they are on commission.

  5. Grant2:30 PM

    Slight problem Fred.

    The advent of broadband and video over the net means that computers capable of playing back video from one source or another areconsidered to be potential TV viewing devices for TV Licence purposes.

    Thus the denizens of Crapita feel justified in always chasing anyone at an address that does not appear on their database as having a licence.

    This concept merely paves the way for carbon taxation payments from anyone who breathes. Expect the proposal any time now.