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Nanny Knows Best
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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Greetings From Beijing

Hello everyone,

Greetings from Beijing, where I am having a few days stop over after a 4 day business trip to Pyongyang.

Back to Blighty in a couple of days.



  1. Hi Ken,

    Please bring back a beef chop suey and a special fried rice for me.....oh sorry you can't can you as Nanny does not allow inports of food....ah well silly me.

  2. grumpy5:33 PM

    I do hope that you are going to plant some trees in your front garden, or window box, or whatever to compensate for your carbon footprint; both Dave Cameroon and Wee Georgi Brownski will strongly disapprove if you don't.
    And remember, if you piss Georgi off, he'll pass some more stupid laws to get his own back: so please think green.

  3. grumpy,

    Surely Ken will have no need to justify his carbon liberation on green terms if his business trip results, for example, in more CO2 release (or whatever is the current bete noir output for Zac Goldsmith and his chums) being exported from UK to some other place where we no longer have to be so concerned about it.

    As the Chinese pointed out to the Aussies last week - "we want Oz and the US to sign up to Kyoto because we don't have to to do anything much to be part of it 'cos we got exemptions." Also it would make the Aussies and US look very silly for holding out so long if they did sign up. On the other hand the way that Europe is struggling with the concept Oz and the US could look quite smart for resisting such a fool's errand.

    Perhaps we could send Goldsmith and Livingstone over there to lecture them about saving planets. And maybe Giant Pandas whilst they are at it.

    Maybe that is what Ken is doing during his trip - setting up some covert operation the persuade the local authorities to allow some useless UK politicians into the countries and then for them to mysteriously disappear!

    Maybe I am just too naturally optimistic?


  4. grumpy9:51 AM

    I love the idea of Ken Livingstone being eaten by a giant panda; that's something I'd pay to watch.

  5. Grant8:22 PM


    Whilst I share you vision I thought Giant Pandas were so stupid they only eat rather un-nutritious bamboo. Would they be tempted to convert by the prospect of Livingstone flesh?

    Then again, he does seem rather wooden ...


  6. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Tell me how you are about to compensate for your carbon footprint; both Dave Cameroon and Wee Georgi Brownski will strongly disapprove if you don't do anything to compensate for it..My friend here at aquabot
    at just whisper in my ears that its better if you plant some chinese mangoes in front as their roots have quiet filthy smell...

  7. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Hii this is sophia from Chicago..See I want to know why is the giant panda the national animal of china? what does the giant panda (national animal of china) represent?