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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nanny Bans Red Arrows

Red Arrows
Oh dear, it seems that Nanny is a tad worried about upsetting foreigners and is likely to ban the Red Arrows from performing at the opening of the 2012 London Olympics.

Seemingly Nanny thinks that the Red Arrows are just "too British and too militaristic".



  1. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Erm, so we can also expect to see the British olympic team banned for being too British can we? what's the point of hosting the Olympics if you can't showcase your country's good points? God knows there are few enough of them left

  2. Sepoy Agent6:49 PM

    Absolutely weak and lily-livered, if this is true.
    Red Arrows are a highly-skilled, talented team, and show the best of Britain.
    They are welcomed everywhere.
    Still, I'm not sure the Olympics deserve to have them.

  3. grumpy8:03 PM

    I understand that the Germans have a display team (called the Red Barons?).
    Perhaps it would make everything OK if we invited them to the Olympics and held a re-rerun of the Battle of Britain - but this time let them win.

  4. David J Hilton8:05 PM

    What a load of shite....

  5. Grant9:02 PM

    I expect it part of the attempt to achieve carbon neutrality.

    One idea I had was to persuade all the other teams that travelling to London would cause the death of the planet. Therefore they should stay away and the entire event could be populated with just British competitors.

    Apart from the official british team the other Brits could be selected by the non-travelling countries to represent them.

    Of course it might be suggested that this would be an unfair advantage for the host country BUT, knowing that we Brits always favour the underdog and tend to preform best with backs against the wall and so on, the chances are the the others would still win more medals.

    What do you think?

    It needs a concept that allows foreign investment to cover the costs but I guess we could just offer the French an opportunity to join in as runners up in the selection process. Also noting that they seem to own much of the country's infrastructure anyway.

  6. The story is complete rubbish!

    See what the Red Arrows have to say at