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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, September 17, 2007

Fag Off!

Fag Off!
Nanny's no smoking rules really are a crock of old sh**e. London Underground have, for many years, forbidden smoking within their network; consequently they have well placed notices on the tube trains, and tube stations, telling people not to smoke.

So far so good, they are ahead of the curve in respect of Nanny's recent "no smoking in public places" rules.

Unfortunately it would seem that they are not complying with Nanny's rules, in as precise a form as Nanny would wish.

You see Ladies and Gentlemen it is not just a case of banning smoking, but the wording by which you ban the smoking that is important to Nanny.

London Underground are having to flog off their old "No Smoking", as they no longer comply with the new law.

Transport for London, under Nanny's instructions and at great cost, are having to replace the "No Smoking" signs with new signs that read:

"It Is Against The Law To Smoke In This Station."

What utter bollocks!

BTW, here's a fine song about London Underground for a Monday morning:


  1. Chris1:08 PM

    How long before we find out some members of parliament have links to the sign making industry?

  2. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Thanks for sharing the London Underground video Ken,

    Really needed a good belly laugh


  3. off2worknow6:52 AM

    Loved the song..sadly my daughter now wants to know what a c*%t is...erm time for head phones I think...

    That rifle he was going to shot them you think it's an Eton rifle?

  4. Of course, failure to display the sign as stipulated in the legislation results in a fine....Kerching.

    Did you know that the size of the sign, the size of the lettering and the size of the graphic are all stipulated and old no smoking signs do not conform?