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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rolling Stones In Trouble

Rolling Stones In Trouble
Oooohhh errr Missus...I read a while ago that the Rolling Stones have found themselves in trouble with the law.....again.

How unusual?

Their crime?

They smoked (fags, not illegal drugs) on stage during one of their performances in August.

The naughty wee scamps!

The bad boys of rock, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood, lit up on numerous occasions on stage at the O2 Arena in London.

Yet Nanny has decided not to prosecute!

Why is this?

Nanny's lackeys in Greenwich borough council said that nothing could be done because fans at the 23,000 capacity venue had not objected. Now we know how to avoid prosecution for smoking on stage...make sure your audience does not contain any government informers.

However, the council had said that it had warned them not to smoke on stage. Who the hell respects their local councils anymore?

Seemingly Nanny had threatened them with a £50 fine for each fag that they smoked...a heavy blow the to their finances methinks!

What a tossingly stupid law this is!


  1. Anonymous3:27 PM

    I suspect it's been tactically ignored as the Stones have enough firepower to challenge any prosecution under the human rights act (freedom of expression clause). Shame - it would be fun watching nanny tying herself in knots deciding which of her daft laws to support.

  2. What a strange excuse....No one objected. So if someone in a local bar lights up a cancer stick and no one objects, no offence has been commited..That's not how the legislation reads to me...If Nanny knows that the law is being broken and chooses to do nothing, is this a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice?

  3. Wildswimmer Pete5:42 PM

    Tonk said:

    "If Nanny knows that the law is being broken and chooses to do nothing, is this a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice?"

    Local authority goblins will only take action against those they think won't come back at them with fists up (figuratively or actually). I think you'll find that the anti-smoking Gestapo tend to crack down on the Andy Capps rather than those in posh clubs and Masonic lodges.


  4. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Pity they wimped out the next night - very rebel like.

    At least this shows that this smoking ban experiment is flawed.

  5. grumpy8:11 PM

    "tossingly stupid law" is absolutely right.

    Now, while I wouldn't want to start the whole smoking/anti-smoking debate all over again, I do hear whispers that the next 'great leap forward' for our fag fascists in imposing their will on us plebs is that, for elf & safety reasons, people with kids are going to be banned from smoking in their own homes. Anyone care to bet that it doesn't happen?

    Anybody expecting help from a revitalised Tory Party should, of course, forget it; Dave is too busy up on his roof, fixing another windmill.