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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Dear Friends

I am now back in the UK, having had a very sucesssful business trip to Pyongyang, and thought that you may be interested/amused to see that I have been nominated for Accountant of the Year for the Association of International Accountants (AIA) in the AIA President's Awards 2007.

The Association of International Accountants (AIA) was founded in the UK in 1928 as a professional accountancy body and from conception has promoted the concept of "international accounting" to create a global network of accountants in over 85 countries worldwide.

AIA is constantly working with its people and partners in financial centres worldwide to encourage trust, clarity and shared international standards in the accounting profession. Many of its members are at the top of the industry, from senior management to director level, representing some of the most important and profitable firms in the world. With a select membership demographic including high numbers of these influential decision makers, the AIA is a truly prestigious organisation.

Please note, that I have not won it...nor am I yet in the shortlist...but apparently being nominated is something.

The award is designed to recognise organisations' accountancy stars. Firms, businesses and institutes are encouraged to make nominations, though individual entries are also welcome.

Open to all qualified accountants whether in business, practice or public services.
  • Nominees must have demonstrated sound judgment, technical skill, innovation and leadership ability

  • Nominees must have demonstrated dedication to clients

  • Nominees must stand out from their colleagues as an accountant who has made significant impact, taking into account the length of their career in accountancy and any notable obstacles they have had to overcome

  • Nominations should include any work related activities undertaken and broader contribution to the profession

  • Nominations should include their contribution to the community
Best regards



  1. grumpy9:45 AM

    Wow! top accuntant AND top blogger!
    Watch out Ken, somebody is bound to accuse you of breaking some bye-law or other.

  2. Lord of Atlantis3:21 PM

    Well done, Ken! Keep up the good work!

  3. Grant8:27 PM

    Hmm. What's the prize Ken? Fixing the accounts for the 2012 Olympics? ;-)


  4. DocBud10:36 PM

    Congratulations, Ken.