Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nanny's Nasty Little Database

Big Brother
Nanny knows that the best way to control a population is to build up a database of information about every citizen.

Trying to do this overtly, via her much derided id card scheme, appears to have failed. Therefore Nanny has set upon building up her database covertly, without the consent of the voters.

Over one million profiles of children have been added to Nanny's DNA database since it was set up. The database holds 1,066,896 profiles of people who were under 18 when their genetic fingerprints were collected; this figure includes more than 110,000 under-13s, and more than 600,000 people aged 14 or younger.

Why are we allowing Nanny to do this to us?

You do realise that there is a very real danger that Labour will win the next election?

We face the very real prospect of dictatorship, albeit by faceless unelected bureaucrats rather than brown shirted thugs, if Labour are returned to office at the next election.

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  1. Nick in Texas1:47 PM

    The reason Labour could possibly win the next election is because they've created so many spongers. The more people you get on welfare, the more people will vote for Labour.
    It's all part of the Marxist plan:

    1) Destroy the middle classes through increasingly higher taxes.
    2) Disarm them so they can't do much about it (the gvmt along with help from liberal media sensationalism have pretty much brainwashed 99.9% of the UK population on this subject).
    3) Get more and more people on welfare or into well-paid gvmt cushy jobs at the expense of said taxpayers so more and more taxpayers will get fed up and figure if they can't beat 'em, join 'em.
    4) Obtain total control of the population by whatever means: CCTV cameras, DNA databases, ID cards and, eventually, everyone will be microchipped.
    5) Make as many stupid laws as possible so that any dissenters can be incriminated on ridiculous charges at will.
    6) Dumb down the population with reality TV shows, red-top tabloids (I still can't believe that about 90% of the British population consider these to be "real" newspapers) as well as a healthy dose of liberal propaganda (and force them to pay for it via the TV license/tax).
    7) Have a fiat currency not backed by silver or gold and give the control of it (and the printing presses) to a bunch of private bankers.

    Also, let's not forget that with a party duopoly, the two main political parties are just two sides of the same coin. They're all in the same secret handshake clubs and have the same agendas to some higher power (the EU?).

  2. I agree with all that you say, Nick, except your misuse of the word "liberal", which does stand for something significant to do with genuine democracy.

  3. Nick in Texas8:26 PM

    Yes anticant, there are many types of "liberal" so I retract and replace it with "left-wing loony" - which is what I meant in the first place.

    As for "democracy" - isn't that two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner? I think the best way to describe the British parliamentary system is a 5 year dictatorship.

  4. Ivan The Horrible11:14 PM

    I was in the place formerly known as Great Britain recently.

    I was shocked at what a fascist police state the place has become.

    They actually had public announcements in Paddington Station threatening people with arrest if they smoked indoors! This was while 13 (I counted) trains sat idling and spewing diesel smoke into the place.

    They also said that if you saw someone smoking, you were to report them to the police, who would then arrest them.

    What a place. It reminded me of North Korea.

  5. Co-incidentally I with ItH's visit to Paddington I spent the best part of 3 hours awaiting my train at St. Pancras last night. (I had booked a latish train in case of post-workday refreshments but, alas, this time they did not transpire ...)

    The diesel fumes, even from only about 6 or 7 visible trains (most of the time) were very noticeable.

    What really surprised me was that nobody seemed to be reporting the shops and restaurants for overcharging. Most of them, though not the high-street names as far as I could tell, would surely have had to plead guilty to that charge.

    That said there did seem to be a lot of retail spaces available and looking like they had never been occupied.

    If Nu-labour does win the next election it will simply prove that politics is dead in the UK and that we get what we deserve from whomever it is wishes to deliver it. Parish council or EU I would guess the population will just take it without thinking, especially the younger, post baby-boom, generations.

    It will probably be what we, collectively, deserve in the absence of real choices.

    At some point the combination of a new 5 year term, some growing realisation of what has been going on and a few energy supply and carbon trading fiascos may well re-ignite the concept of politics. If that is sooner rather than later in the 'new term' we may just see some challenging events on the streets.

    Is there a budding Arthur Scargill of the people out in the wild at the moment?