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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Prats of The Week - Let The Kids Run The Classroom

Prats of The WeekOoh my gosh, another "Prats of The Week" Award one day after my last one, Nanny really has excelled herself this week!

Anyhoo, this award goes to the Liberal Democrats and Nu Labour (for listening to the Liberal Democrats).

The Libs have been beguiled by an a Ofsted survey that says that a third of pupils do not believe they are properly listened to by their schools. what?

I recall, at the tender age of 16.5, attending a sixth form/Masters forum at my old school and asking for a bar to be opened in school.

The result?


I was ignored!

Anyhoo the Libs are having none of this and have tabled an amendment to the educashun bill, that has been accepted by Nu Labour; whereby kids as young as five will win the legal right to tell teachers how they should be taught and disciplined for bad behaviour. They will have a say in the running of their schools, from the uniforms they wear to the meals they eat.

In the House of Lords, Children's Minister Baroness Morgan said:

"As a minimum, schools should seek and take account of pupils' views on policies on the delivery of the curriculum, behaviour, the uniform, school food, health and safety, equalities and sustainability, not simply on what colour to paint the walls."

Completely potty!

Why not just let the kids teach themselves, and be done with the whole expensive business of paying adult teachers?

The Libs and Nu Labour, well deserving "Prats of The Week"!

By the way, does this mean that I can now ask my old school to open that bar then?

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  1. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Oh, its all to depressing for words.Bring back the paddle, and parents who back up the teachers, instead of these delusionals now that think they're little yobs in training can to no wrong.

    What kind of leadership will rise up, in both our countrys, from the generations that follow us, Ken.

    Debbie (US)

  2. Tonk.1:06 PM

    Let children be children again!!
    Kids are what they are...Kids....They have neither the experience of life to know what is best nor do they have the maturity to make many decisions for themselves.
    I get fed up with young mothers asking their little four year old in the supermarket."What shall we all have for dinner tonight?"
    The reply is often pizza and chips....Kids of four should not be dictating the contents of the family meals...Parents need to take responsibility again. Kids tend to thrive when there are strong, clearly defined boundaries in place....Kids sometimes need a no, this will help them in their future lives....Otherwise, we end up with just kids in adult bodies that will throw a temper tantrum if they are refused something or criticised....The country has gone crazy!!

  3. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Oh Tonk, I am so sorry to be the one to tell you, but there are no kids anymore. What we have are very small people with no knowledge and less experience whose understanding of the universe is based entirely on the desire of the moment. In other words people who are destined to grow into the politicians of the future.

  4. 'Homunculus' is, I think, the technical term.

    I agree with you, Tonk. Some cousins of mine have four kids [all boys]. When the eldest was about 15 the father was offered a better job which would have involved a move to another town, new schools etc. Instead of deciding for himself, with his wife, a 'family conference' was held which resulted in the kids vetoing the idea.

    This strikes me as crazy. My parents would never have considered my childish views when deciding about my father's career. And quite right too!

  5. Hasn't it the case for some years that children can now prevent adults from moving house, if the kids don't agree with the move?

    Summink to do wiv yuman rites.

  6. Anonymous6:22 PM

    As a Teacher, I run my classroom on the democratic lines "One man, one vote". I'm the man, I have the vote.
    Tragic news about the theft of the books from Gordon Brown's Office. He hadn't finished colouring them in yet!

  7. Ivan The Horrible1:43 AM

    Has anyone considered what is going to happen when these little shits grow up to be Doctors and Airline pilots?

  8. Anonymous9:28 AM

    has anyone considered what happens when these little shits grow up to be social security demanding big shits?

  9. Lord of Atlantis1:08 PM

    A very well-deserved award for these twats! It is because of crap like this that so many leave school with few, if any qualifications and, in many cases cannot even do basic mathematics or English. A much more effective approach would be to return to 'so-called' old fashioned teaching methods, with strict discipline, including the availability of the cane, if necessary. Although I was never caned, I was educated under this system and I believe I benefited very much as a result.