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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tea Time

Tea Time
Nanny's special little organ, Envirowise (funded by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs) has got a bee in its bonnet about water being wasted.

A good point!

Gazillions of gallons of water are wasted each year in this country, because our water companies (eg Thames Water) are not upgrading leaking Victorian water mains with sufficient speed.

Therefore one would assume that Envirowise is calling upon the water companies to upgrade the system with due haste.

Ermmm....not quite!

Envirowise is calling on businesses to appoint tea monitors to make sure people do not waste water.

It wants companies to use teapots instead of making individual cups of tea, and hopes to re-introduce tea urns to the workplace.

It has issued an edict:

"Appoint a tea task force or tea monitor to make sure all your office hot drink-making facilities are as efficient as they could be. Only boil the water you use - this will avoid water and energy being wasted."

They add that employees should use a teapot when making a round of hot drinks as this "allows you to measure the correct amount of water you will need, and often tastes nicer than making tea in the cup".

I humbly submit that a greater saving of resources could be made if Envirowise were to be abolished.

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  1. Oh dear.....It seems those good people at DEFRA have too much time and too little to do......Sort out the leaks then worry about teapots...Idiots!!

    Perhaps Nanny could save some money by cutting down on the number of people employed at seems they are scratching about for things to do...What will they do next?....Bring in a code of practice for cat and dog care...Oppps too late....

    This rather answers my question posed on the previous thread....NO!!There is no area of our lives that Nanny feels is outside of her control.

  2. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Gives now meaning to "Tempest in a teapot"


  3. Anonymous1:02 PM

    On a similar theme, I did once wonder what the carbon foot print of the whole EU apparatus was, and the impact if it ceased to exist overnight?


  4. Anonymous6:11 PM

    This is the same DEFRA which was so incompetent and tardy in making a payment to farmers last year that there were a number of suicides.

    The same DEFRA whose Newcastle staff were found cavorting in the office (and I mean cavorting and I don't mean one couple!).


  5. Grant6:21 PM

    I was reminded today that we seem to want to be told what to do all the time. It's an interesting social phenomenon. I suspect the younger part of the US public was doing exactly that during their election - the message foom school and college reinforced by the media - much like Bliar's election 11 years ago.

    It will be interesting to see whether Obama is his own man or in the pockets of others.

    Brown, for example, always seems to rely on others to make the decisions and only comes alive when he thinks he can claim some credit for an accident of finance of someone else's ideas.

    The attitude seems to be top down - look at the bankers for example.

    Oh well, our youngsters will reap the long term 'benefits' of the seeds that are sown. I just watch my pension pot, such as uit is, evaporating and the interest on my savings, such as they are, declining, all in order to fund some of the most stupid ideas that have ever made it into print.

    As for saving water; we should ask which department has been culpable in the lack of planning and control that has led to this problem - and then demand that more CO2 is pumped into the atmosphere to help plants move beyond the problems of the alleged water lack.


  6. On a similar theme, I did once wonder what the carbon foot print of the whole EU apparatus was, and the impact if it ceased to exist overnight?
    Not decamping to Strasbourg for four French appeasing days every month would be be a start.

  7. Old Greeny9:11 PM

    Pretty much as we have come to expect from the Control-Freak Fascists who are "governing" our once excellent country, but what will we ever do about it? They've banned hunting, banned smoking in pubs etc, now the Fascists are on about us drinking too much...Why don't they just sod off and leave us all alone? Still, one can only hope that this bunch of incompetents will be SEVERELY punished at the next election...IF they let us have one, that is!!

  8. OK So the "water companies" are losing "water". Where does this "water" go to? Into the ground where it is pumped out again as ... "water".

    So, the problem is not a loss of water, but a waste of energy.

  9. Thames Water has so far replaced 900 miles of mains in just over five years. We are currently working on around 520 streets in London at any one time.

    We are committed to replacing 1,300 miles by 2010 - enough to stretch more than 11 times around the M25.

    Reducing leakage is our highest priority. We need to reduce leakage to ensure London's growing population continues to receive the water it needs.

    London's water resources are being put under increasing pressure from the effects of climate change, population growth and rising demand for water.

    We encourage our customers to be water efficient wherever possible.

  10. Amy Dutton:

    Climate Change?
    Oh yeah right, the new religion that will allow companies to get people to do as they're told.....For example, Force people to have water meters fitted....

    Folks, at the moment, those on UN-METERED services are paying more than is necessary as they are forced to subsidise those on water meters because the number of meters is small....As the number of metered supplies increase, so the justification for such a subsidy will be harder to justify hence, the cost of metered supplies will increase...By up to twenty percent....This information came from the water regulator....The water companies are trying their damdest to get everyone on to meters, when they succeed, often under the coverall reason of climate change, prices will rocket...They are private companies, some with foreign owners, whose sole reason to be is to make a profit....What private company, whose first reponsibility is to its shareholders, really wants to save you money and thus render themselves less profitable?

  11. Lord of Atlantis1:40 PM

    Just like the gas and electric companies rip off the public in this country (the prices we pay are amongst the highest in Europe) so they can supply cheaper energy to the French and Germans: and what does our caring nuLabour government do about it? Sod all!

  12. oh dear....
    and there was I thinking that Defra
    would be busy chasing up the 20,000 missing cows!