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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prats of The Week - Long Ashton Golf Club

Prats of The WeekLawks a Mercy!

More than a wee bit of time has passed since I awarded my world famous and much coveted "Prats of The Week" Award, it is most surely time to dole out another one.

This week it goes to the numpties in charge of the restaurant at Long Ashton Golf Club in Bristol.

For why?

They have sacked Olive Bater, their 83 year old washer up of the past 22 years.

Over the last 22 years (six days a week) Mrs Bater has washed the dishes, estimated at being 3 million pieces in all, at the club without ever taking a single day off sick.

So why have they sacked her?

Can you guess children?

Yes, that's right, health and safety!

Mrs Bater was told that the job posed an "immense" health risk.

Come again?

As Mrs Bater says:

"All I do is put dishes in a dishwasher, where's the health and safety problems in that?"

Secretary of the club, Victoria Rose said:

"There are immense health and safety issues to take into account in such a potentially dangerous environment."

Errmmm...they are what precisely?

There are thousands of kitchens across the country where humans wash (allegedly) the dishes, are these all to be closed because of health and safety?

A cynic might suggest that they dispensed with Mrs Bater because they deemed her to be "too old", of course I am not a cynic.

Wrt "health and safety" rulings such as this, they are invariably used as the catch all excuse by pen pushing bureaucrats afraid of their own shadows. These people are too gutless to take responsibility for anything at all, and seek to use procedures and imaginary "risks" to hide behind when confronted with having to make any form of decisions.

These people infest every aspect of our lives and, for reasons that I cannot understand, have been entrusted with power over us.

People such as these are the ones who should be sacked!

Long Ashton Golf Club, well deserving Prats of The Week.

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  1. Ken,

    Well put sir!!

    Here are Nanny's other coverall "reasons" to boss us about;-

    a) 'Elf'n'Safety
    b) War on terror security
    c) Child protection
    d) Climate change
    e) Equality

    Nanny just picks the excuse she wants to use, which in effect means "Shut up, I am not prepared to debate it with you, so just do as you're told."

    Whilst yes sheep continue to "Do as they're told," so Nanny will move to control and interfere in more and more areas of our lives....It is time for the population to remind Nanny that she works for them, not vice versa. The best way to start the change is to tell Nanny no and mean it!!

  2. Speenzman2:07 PM

    Hmm, at one of the places where I volunteer our leading technician is in his 80s, can't remember his exact age but it's over 83, 85 I think. Anyway he lifts equipment and boxes and uses all the tools in the workshop, bench grinder, drills etc. just as well as the rest of us. Indeed so determined was he to shift a stuck screw yesterday that he managed to get even more strength behind it than I did- I'm 24 and do weight lifting at our local gym and I wouldn't want to bet on an arm wrestle between us! Age alone is no indicator of how capable a person is of doing a given job, ability is! Did I mention his eyesight is still perfect- I wear glasses, he doesn't. Since he's over 70 he can't hire a van though! This is the trouble with blanket rules...

  3. Julius Caesar3:48 PM

    So if one's wife or mother asks you to help with the washing up, one has now got a brilliant excuse for saying 'no': 'Sorry, dear,, health and safety won't allow me to do this, as much as I would like to!'

  4. Lord of Atlantis3:59 PM

    A very well-deserved award, Ken, in my opinion. Precisely what is the risk in washing up? Presumably, if we are to follow the 'pearls of wisdom' of these twats, one must only use the crockery and cutlery once, then recycle it or throw it all away.

    You suggested, Ken, that "A cynic might suggest that they dispensed with Mrs Bater because they deemed her to be "too old", of course I am not a cynic." Nor are we, but I shouldn't be surprised to learn that had something to do with it. However, because of the way our 'beloved' politicians have wrecked our pensions, I thought they wanted people to work until they dropped?

    I certainly very much agree with you too, that the @&%£***s who authorised this sacking should themselves be sacked, without a golden handshake or a pension.

  5. microdave10:23 PM

    I don't suppose for one minute that they have given full details of these "immense" risks?

    Of course not - that would blow the lid off this ludicrous excuse...

  6. Surely Golf and the tools that you need to be able to play the game pose an immense risk.

    Why has it not been banned?