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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Dangers of Sweets

ScumballsOh dear, if I had an award "Miserable Git of The Year" then surely Simon Duggan Headteacher of St Anselm's College in Birkenhead would be up for it.

Duggan has told his pupils that they will be kicked out of the classroom if they continue to trade sweets with each other.

Seemingly the budding Alan Sugars (ooh what a pun!) at the school have set up a "black market" selling everything from fizzy drinks, sweets, crisps.

Needless to say this thriving business contravenes the rules at the school which ban junk food, sweets and fizzy drinks.

Duggan wrote to parents saying:

"Sweets are not allowed to be sold in schools under food regulations and we will not let any student subvert these necessary rules.

The governors and I expect the full co-operation of parents in this matter. It is simply an issue of common sense.

We are keen to develop budding entrepreneurs but not if it involves doing something on the margins of legality

An over the top reaction by anyone's standards.

In my day (God how old am I to use that phrase?) we didn't trade sweets (we had a well stocked tuck shop), but there was a healthy market in porno mags (there is a particularly amusing story concerning a blow up doll available for hire, but I will leave that for another day).

Clearly standards are slipping, if it is only sweets that are traded, kids today eh!

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  1. The phrase sledgehammer to crack a nut comes to mind.
    Incidently, I suspect it is not illegal to sell sweets etc in the school under the food hygeine regulations but, I suspect that the school rules, as drawn up by the governors, prohibit such actions in an attempt to prevent bullying etc.
    Soft porn mags were indeed traded at my old school....Don't times change, perhaps the kids leave that trade to politicians and their spouses:-)

    I wonder if the school is in fact not a school, but a borstal or approved school, it certainly sounds like it. The headteacher sounds one of Nanny's jobsworths!!

  2. It's a grammar school Tonk.

  3. Number 610:56 AM

    Nanny must clamp down on this after all buying some sherbet dips is the first step toward buying some crack cocaine from a street dealer, or eating a Mcdonalds burger, or chips, or drinking a beer, or putting salt on your chips or .......

  4. Lord of Atlantis11:05 AM

    Ken said:
    "...(there is a particularly amusing story concerning a blow up doll available for hire, but I will leave that for another day)."

    Come on, Ken, you can't leave it at that. You have us all intrigued now!

    Doesn't this sort of thing make you sick (no pun intended)? If selling sweets is the worst thing that his pupils are doing, why doesn't he simply ignore it? I wonder what the quality of education and exam success rate is at the school? That is the sort of thing that the headmaster should be concentrating on.

  5. My very first business venture involved trading in sweets!!

    Our teacher was very prone to giving lines at the drop of a hat.

    For example, take 50 lines for disobedience : 'a fool despiseth his father's instructions but he that regardeth reproof is prudent'.

    So we had a team of pupils who did lines in their spare time ready to sell them - for Kola Cubes or Pineapple Chunks - to anyone who got punished.

    Take 50 lines for slacking : '"Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest"'

    Those were the days !!

  6. "Trading"? When did that come in? Isn't that something that happens in a "schoolyard"?

  7. Anonymous2:54 PM

    One more example of nanny interfereing in free enterprise. This kid found a market and provided the entrepeuner in the making. Of course that scares nanny to death.


  8. Crikey! I would have landed up in jail nowadays if I did what I was doing in school. My friend and I had a nice sideline in sweet selling despite the school having a well stocked tuck shop (unfortunately it never sold Blackjacks, Mojos and Fruit Salad chews nor sugar mice). Both his and my grandparents supplied us with industrial quantities of sweets, far more than we could consume without being on a permanent sugar rush so we used to flog them at break or trade for periodicals in which young ladies divested themselves of their apparel. At one point we were making handsome profits having invested part of the original profits buying from the local sweet wholesale and selling those at a considerable mark up to the first years who could not evade the unmerciless upper VIth who tended to be on gate duty at lunch in order to visit the local shop.

  9. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells6:35 PM

    So selling sweets borders on illegality does it? Has Robohead inadvertently revealed Nanny's future legislative plans?