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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Nanny Bans Burns

I am gemused to see that Nanny has got her knickers in a right old state over the tongue in cheek marketing campaign by a travel comparison website,

Nanny's chums in the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) were less than pleased with dealchecker's July email campaign "earn with your burn".

Their advert included pictures of sunburned or sunbathing people, and offered a prize of a free holiday for two for sunburn pictures. Pictures were invited to be sent to "".

ASA got terribly huffy, and said that the competition "could be seen to trivialise sunburn".

Oddly enough, there were prizes of suncream for the winner and runners-up. Additionally, during the six-week competition period it featured numerous blog posts on sun safety, regularly tweeted sun care tips etc.

Despite this some members of the public, clearly who were annoyed about the wet summer, complained to ASA about it.

ASA said:

"We... considered that the promotion could encourage recipients to get sunburnt in order to be able to enter the competition, and concluded that the competition was irresponsible."

The competition is not allowed to appear again in its current form, and the website has removed all the relevant content.

However, I will wager that the ensuing free media publicity over ASA's decision has done dealchecker nothing but good!

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  1. Anonymous11:59 AM

    I think that the competition was both irresponsible AND racist.

    It would be impossible for an ‘Afro Caribbean’ or Asian to win. Odds are heavily in favour of ginger porridge wogs.
    Well done the ASA!

  2. Lord of Atlantis4:22 PM

    What these health freaks don't seem able to grasp is that too little sun is as bad for ome's health as too much. Indeed, I understand that cases of Ricketts are on the increase, a disease caused by lack of sunlight.

  3. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells8:33 PM

    Ooh the dreaded sun, one of Nanny's many bonnet bees. Enforcing Nanny's spurious health policies isn't within the remit of the ASA.

  4. Not having a sense of irony or himour is obviously a precondition for anyone working for any Authority.

    Never used suncreen, never had sunburn, never used insect repellant and never been bitten by insects; all this junk is just profits for big pharma.

    Smokers, drivers, dog owners, drinkers and people who like eating now joined by sun worshippers, is there anybody left for "them" to hate?

  5. skydog1:20 PM

    Atheists, paraglider pilots, students! This list is by no means exhaustive. ;)