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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nanny's Joyless Christmas

Tis soon the season to be merry (even if the economy is tanking, various countries around the world are squaring up to each other and several large European banks may well fall over).

As such, it should come as no surprise at all to anyone who regularly follows this site to learn that Nanny is doing her best to put the kibosh on any possible merriment.

Nanny has decided that a newly recorded Christmas special of Thomas The Tank Engine (created by the Rev W Awdry) should omit any reference to Christmas

The new episode "Keeping Up With James" (where the trains compete to carry Christmas presents) has all mentions of Christmas removed, instead the phrase "the winter holidays" is used along with other "cheery" expressions such as "holiday tree".

For fark's sake!

Irrespective of whether you are a Christian, Atheist, Muslim or worshipper of green men from Mars, we all know that there is a festival/celebration called "Christmas" (just as we know about Eid, Hanukkah etc etc). It is completely daft to try to expunge references to something (ie the celebration, rather than the event that the celebration is referring to) that is a fact.

Hit Entertainment, which is behind the show, claims that references to Christmas were removed because the DVD on which it featured was designed to be sold all the year round. 
Well that is complete bollocks for a start!
Have these people never sat down to watch the BBC in the height of Summer, only to be confronted with end to end repeats of the Christmas episodes of the Two Ronnies and Morecambe and Wise show etc?

What about the song and movie "White Christmas", those didn't do so badly did they?
All in all it is a bollocks idea!

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  1. Nanny wants to ban all religion within the UK/EUSSR, other than the religion that is approved by the state; The New False Religion of Climate Change and of course, Progressive Marxism.

    Just laugh at Hi-Viz.

  2. Anonymous10:49 AM


  3. Number 610:54 AM

    Not to mention Nanny's favourite 'religion' that cannot be criticised at any level. Hint, it ain't Catholics. This unholy alliance of idiot left and the 'religion of peace' is going to wreak havoc on this country.

  4. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Hit Entertainment may not be being completely honest with their claims that references to Christmas were removed to enable year round appeal.

    Do they not want to try and sell the DVD in the Southern Hemisphere?, because people there will have no fucking idea what the ‘Winter Holidays’ are, seeing as how they celebrate CHRISTMAS in the summer.

  5. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells11:45 AM

    If they are so intent of removing references to Christmas, why not at least use the well recognised and loved alternative, Yuletide? Is it because the old Pagan name for the festival might also offend somebody?

  6. David J Hilton11:59 AM

    Will these knobheads ever learn?

    Nah, I thought not....

  7. Mjolinir12:21 PM

    Why does this remind me of the Public library that was holding a Muslim celebration in the building, but refused to allow display of a poster for a nearby Choral Society "Christmas Carol Concert"

    BTW - our local Halal grocer's (about half a km from the Mosque) stocks horribly 'obesity making' Pakistani/ Middle Eastern sweets such as baklawa, halawa and kanafeh. It is noticeable that there are more on display in early December - when customers are routinely wished "A Merry Christmas" - by the Saree wearing, UN-veiled, Manageress

  8. Toy Trumpet10:57 AM

    It's not a mistake. The makers are clearly Pastafarians. We Pastaharians celebrate Holiday in late December.

    Proud to be a Pastafarian.>

  9. Lord of Atlantis12:35 PM

    Yet another example of left-wing inspired political correctness being imposed upon us, and another attack on Christianity. You can just imagine the uproar if anyone attempted to do this with any Asian religion! These jerks do love to take offence on behalf of minorities, don't they? Yet 99% of the people on whose behalf these jobsworths are taking offence do NOT have a problem with Christmas. What they are doing is similar to the worst excesses of Nazi and Communist educational policies, i.e airbrushing from history anything they disaproved of.