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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Prats of The Week - Councils

Ooh err missus!

Tis time methinks to award another of my prestigious, and internationally renowned, "Prats of The Week" Awards.

This week it goes to our "beloved" and "respected" local councils in general.

For why?

Well my old muckers it seems that, despite the recession and the new age of austerity, councils across the land cannot resist spending bucket loads of our hard earned cash on worthless shite.

A Freedom of Information request has brought to light oodles of daft expenditures (is that English?) eg:

- Hillingdon paid RADA £2,700 to give a Cabinet Member "executive coaching" sessions
- Lewisham spent £300 on a "using social media" day for one person
- Kensington and Chelsea and Brent spent money (at "no cost" to the taxpayer) on in-house Blackberry courses for councillors
 - Ealing sent someone to Chichester for a "Fruit and Vegetables in Public Gardens" conference
 - Kingston-upon-Thames spent money on an internally-run "key fob training seminar"
 - Richmond sent someone to Cardiff for a training course on sex licensing establishments etc

I dare say that were we and the councils earning bucketloads of cash (and a portion of that bucketload was put away for a rainy day) then spending money on such courses etc may be beneficial (or at least harmless) in a growing economy. However, we are in a recession and during the times of plenty Broon and his chums in the councils never put anything away for today's rainy day.

Therefore I would conclude that councils simply do not get it wrt the financial state that we are in.

Councils are the enemies of the people, and well deserving Pats of The Week!

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  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Isn’t there a law against the misuse of public funds?

    If not, there should be.

    How these councils can complain about cuts while spending money in such a way is appalling.

    How the council workers can stand holding their placards in protest, while knowing that their ‘organization’ is wasting money like this is astonishing.

  2. Those that like to be called officers, take leave rather than holidays and are employed by local Nanny, engage in empire building and they appear to love "Away Days," where they can leave the office for a day or so, and go on a "worth while" course.
    They don't give a stuff about costs etc because there is almost a never ending supply of money to pay for their whims and follies.

    Councils also run their organisations differently to commercial businesses; councils look at last year's budget and then want to add whereas, businesses look at last year's budget and then try to reduce it through doing things better and cheaper.
    Sadly, Nanny from local to Euro levels, have adopted Gordon Brown's idea that all public spending is investemnt and that the more money you throw at a thing, the better it is. In the real world though, we know this idea is wrong. Value for money is far more important and Nanny is not good at getting value for money in fact, two scenes come to mind when thinking about Nanny and money;-
    1) The drunken sailor that has just got paid and is on shore leave.
    2) The giddy aunt at a wedding with a box of confetti.

    Nanny could save a fortune by reducing her Hi-Viz budget.

  3. Anonymous11:25 AM

    can't believe this

    nannyism gone global????

  4. Anon;

    It seems everybody has the right to fine everyone else. It is my opinion that most of these so called fines, which aren't actually fines at all, are merely stealth taxes......Every organisation is short of funds so they look for the smallest thing on which to attach a tax(fine)

  5. Mjolinir8:29 PM

    @Ken- //Broon and his chums in the councils never put anything away for today's rainy day.//

    Probably because they reely-trooly believed the Global-Worrists' declaration that we were in for a drought?