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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Nanny's Fat Tax

Following on from Denmark's crazy decision to tax "fat" food, I see that British Nanny intends to try to do the same.

David Cameron (no offence to the man, but he ain't exactly skinny) has said that Nanny will consider introducing a "fat tax" to tackle Britain's growing obesity levels.


Physician heal thyself!

Apparently, obesity is now more serious than fags and booze!
What have I always said on this site?
First they will hit the smokers, then the they are coming for the food eaters!
You were warned!

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  1. "First they will hit the smokers, then the they are coming for the food eaters!

    .. and to those of you that breathe too heavily: you're next!

  2. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Ken, I always like your rants, but you are seriously wrong this time. "call-me-dave" is not a man, but a bliar(sic) clone. No stopping those regressives (aka progressives in islingtanistan).

  3. Anonymous6:12 PM

    No drinking.
    No smoking.
    No sunbathing.
    No fatty foods.
    No salt.
    No fast driving.
    No competitive sports.
    No dangerous activities.

    The only thing left that gives any pleasure is wanking.
    Congratulations! You have turned the UK into a bunch of wankers.

  4. Anonymous6:53 PM

    IF the tax works it will very largely effect the Dairy Industry. (Either by direct sales or by sales of Chocolate and other items that use the products).

    Considering we are struggling to keep the Dairy Industry going already due to supermarket pricing wars, and that we also put a lot towards subsidies for the Industry, aren't we just shooting ourselves in the foot?

    Mostly I think it won't work. Companies will find a way to reduce the figures they put on the packaging - without making the food more healthy - and people will either still buy the stuff anyway or theft will go up.

  5. A tax that will hit those who eat healthily by consuming smaller portions of what they enjoy, and stay slim by exercise as well as the clinically obese. Seems very fair by Nanny's standards.

    @MH Media Online: In spite of near hysterical warnings from sensivle scientists American plans for large scale geoengineering projects are well advanced. And who do you think will pay for that?
    You're right, we will be taxed on the air that we breathe.

  6. Anonymous7:53 PM

    How can people be so stupid as to be taken in by this shit?

    How can they possibly think that taxes and laws are passed to make us all healthier?

    The horrendous percentage of tax paid on cigarettes and alcohol was supposed to ease the burden on the NHS. The law which stopped tax paying smokers from indulging in their habit inside was devised (apparently) to save the health service millions of pounds.

    So where is all the fucking money that has been saved?

    If we are all to become healthier by having to pay more tax on fatty foods, will our National Insurance contributions be reduced?

    Like fuck they will!

    They will just find another scam to tax us, and claim it is for our own good.