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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Euro Nanny In Denial

Another week and, despite what the EU bureaucrats might have us believe, the financial situation in Europe continues to deteriorate (Dexia's exposure is 180% of Belgium's GDP

However, despite the fast approaching EU meltdown, it is "reassuring" to know that Euro Nanny is focusing on the "important" issues.

What issues?

Why toy balloons and Christmas crackers of course!

A new EU directive on toy safety bans a number of traditional crackers fillers, because they are deemed to be "unsafe".

On banned list are such items as:

- Party blowers,
- Magnetic fishing games,
- Toy lipsticks,
- Whistles etc.

Additionally, children under eight are not allowed to blow up balloons without supervision.

Pass  the sickbag someone!

You really would think that Euro Nanny has more pressing things to fuss over!

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  1. Lord of Atlantis10:44 AM

    This just about sums up the EU which we all know and love, doesn't it? Why don't they just bog off and mind their own business? The phrase "Nero fiddled, whilst Rome burned" comes to mind as accurately summing up the situation!

  2. Anonymous10:55 AM

    They really have no idea what a bunch of utter dicks they come over as.

  3. "Pass the sickbag someone!"

    I hope there is an "adult" around to administer the use of said bag...

    Can't be too careful you know!

  4. Last year I saw that Christmas Crackers were age restricted products because of the "explosive" material in them.

    If people are never exposed to any risks at all, they will never be able to determine risks in the real world and thus, are more likely to be hurt.

    I still feel the ultimate aim of the faceless people behind the EUSSR is to bankrupt the UK and to lend us our own money to bail us out subject to conditions and a loss of even more power.

  5. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Besides the fact that Christmas crackers are almost exclusively sold in Europe to the UK (can’t think of another country on the Continent that has the tradition), they are also probably manufactured and packed in the Far East.

    Brussels has expanded its boundaries!

    No doubt British supermarkets will embrace this new directive as if it were written on stone.

  6. Flashman8:46 PM

    From an Australian-NZ perspective, any move like this would be laughed to scorn and made acerbic political capital of as being the ravings of delusional bureaucrats.

    Yet in Europe, folk just suck it up and accept such nonsense without protest or rejection. Isn't it time this changed?

  7. Oh well, we soon won't be able to afford such high-end luxuries as ballons and magnetic fishing games, so no harm done!

  8. They forgot to ban little plastic soldiers which toddlers can also eat, and gravel, let's ban that too and the little clothes hanger holders above car rear doors which can come out if you give them areaaaly big tug.