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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Hair of The Dog

I never cease to be amazed at how deranged our local councils are. Yet even I am more than gobsmacked by what Nottingham City Council did to Roy Wyre last week.

Mr Wyre was walking his dog Spencer, and for reasons best known to Mr Wyre he was wearing a hi viz vest.

One of Nanny's Community Protection Officers (whatever that means) took exception to a non council human wearing the symbol of the state, and decided to ask Mr Wyre why he was wearing it etc.

Having finished discussing the hi viz jacket the CPO then fined Mr Wyre £75.

For why?

For  dropping dog fur (he was brushing Spencer) in a public place!

Ker Farking Ching!

Understandably this outrageous fine received some negative publicity, and Nottingham Council have now cancelled it and apologised to Mr Wyre for being utter knobheads!

Councils are the enemies of the people!

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  1. Adrian1:27 PM

    So now Nanny is trying to tell us what we can and can't wear!

    When I walk my dogs in inclement weather I often wear a pair of hi-vis orange over-trousers, complete with reflective stripes, to keep me dry. Why do I dress so outrageous? I work on a heritage railway and these happen to be the only pair of waterproof over-trousers that I have. On occasion I have also worn my hi-vis orange jacket.

    Who is Nanny to tell me what I can and can't wear? I thought Mr Cameron was going to do away with all this nonsense.

  2. Adrian1:30 PM

    I would also add that if our local councils are so concerned about crap on the streets, they should consider sacking some of their "officials" as that would clean up our towns at a stroke.

  3. I dread to think what "Tonk" will have to say about this!

  4. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Ken, talking of local councils, have you seen the work Richard North over on EUReferendum has been doing looking at fine revenue, in particular council tax related collections charges?

  5. Anonymous2:58 PM

    It is a shame that Mr Wyre was not inspired by the tactics of supermarket check- out operators before engaging the council moron in conversation.

    Like they do, he should have asked to see his ID.

    A refusal or confirmation that the twat was, in fact, a litter warden would mean that he had absolutely no business asking why Mr Wyre was dressed in such a way. In fact, I don’t think that any council ‘official’ has the authority to question the way a person is dressed.

    From what I remember, a police officer can only request someone’s name and address if they reasonably suspect that an arrestable offence has been committed, or is about to be.

    The council worker is not a policeman. You do not have to give him your details, especially if you are sure that you have caused no offence, and furthermore he cannot detain you if he decides to call a real policeman.

    Without your details he cannot issue a penalty fine.

    Why make it easy for these fuckers?

  6. Tonk.3:42 PM

    This story took the biscuit for me.....The "council official" decided that the dog walker was trying to look like a police officer and told the walker to remove his jacket; perhaps the warden felt less intimedated if the man did not wear the sybol of power so loved by Nanny!
    The walker refused, the council prat then asked for his name which the walker refused to give him.....The council prat then said to wait while he called a copper to assist.....This is where the story gets really silly; the copper agreed with the warden and instructed the walker to remove Nanny's fetish gear; under what law he took this upon himself I don't know.
    The council prat then issued a ticket.

    It seems to me that the council prat was more guilty of pretenting to be a copper than the walker than the walker.
    It also seems that the council prat was miffed that the walker effectively laughed at Nanny's hi-viz and thus had to think of a trumped up charge to " 'av 'im" for not rolling over and co-operating and thus the fine(sic) Kerching.

    If Nanny's favourite fetish wear can only be worn by people that like to be called officers, then it should not be sold to the general public, mind you, it seems almost every employer issues this fetish wear to their staff these days, in much the same way slave masters branded their slaves to prove ownership.
    Being one of the few people in the street not in hi-viz, I actually stand out more than the muppets wearing it; how ironical is that?

    This whole story illustrates what happens when Nanny gives percieved power to those far too thick and not sophisticated enough to exercise that power in a reasonable, commonsense way. I wonder if the council prat wears his hi-viz garb to bed to help him get off.........For all of our sakes; just laugh at hi-viz.

  7. Tonk.3:45 PM

    I must apologise for the bad spelling and atrocious grammar in my last post......I must remember to read them before posting them.....Sorry.

  8. Plenty of dog walkers round here wear high vis stuff. So do schoolkids out on organised walks. Make a noce newspaper story if they all got arrested.

  9. What tonk says, bad grammar and all. These community safety knobs will be on a target and once they have issued a couple of fines the Council will be into profit for the day and it would be interesting to find out if the wardens are then on a bonus scheme.
    ie can they personally enrich themselves by usurping the role of a sworn uniformed Police Officer?

    @anon 2:58 "It is a shame that Mr Wyre was not inspired by the tactics of supermarket check- out operators before engaging the council moron in conversation"

    Seems that is exactly what he did and what is more, stuck to his guns when plod turned up and he WON in the end.

  10. Hi-viz vests are popular with cyclists. Is this clown going to be running around after them too? And what the fuck is a Community Protection Officer anyway? Protection as in protection racket?

  11. Lord of Atlantis10:17 AM

    Words fail me! What Mr Wyre, or anybody else, wears is their business and noone elses! Community Protection Officers? The community needs protecting alright ---- from these gestapo types! Once again, the negative publicity seems to have compelled the council to cancel the actions of their 'officer'.

  12. Anonymous10:32 AM

    I wear hi-vis when riding my horse on the roads - do you think I'll get done for impersonating an officer? Like to see them try and catch up with me!

  13. Anonymous10:47 AM

    The council official is also a lying bastard.

    Impersonating a police officer is not just about wearing a single item of associated clothing. If the guy was wearing a tit-head hat and a utility belt with all the gadgets, then maybe.

    But impersonation of a police officer could only be proved if someone falsely identifies themselves as a policeman to gain an advantage, or has in his possession a counterfeit warrant card, or has decked out his car or motorbike with decals and lights.

    The fact that the council ‘shit-for brains’ approached Mr Wyre in the first place would indicate that he suspected that he was not a policeman, therefore any impersonation was pretty shit.