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Monday, March 19, 2012

Nanny Bans Union Jack

I have been running this site for yonks (since 2004 in fact), and have therefore become somewhat enured (there's a word I don't use often enough) to Nanny's idiocies. However, occasionally Nanny does something so idiotic that even my elephant hide skin is sufficiently pricked for me to issue forth a trumpet of rage.

Thus I draw your attention (on this fine Monday morning) to a truly absurd piece of Nannyism, courtesy of Nanny's chums from Fylde council (click the tag "Fylde" and you will see they have featured before on this site).

Peter and Lesley Salthouse run the Naze Lane Chippy in Freckleton, and have (as part of their shop front advertising) a Union Jack sign in the window.

Nothing wrong with that is there?

You would think not, wouldn't you?

However, Fylde council have ordered the Salthouses to remove the sign?

For why?

Apparently it contains too many "angles, triangles and colours"!

Isn't that what a Union Jack is actually made up of??

The council have decreed that the sign is "out of character" for an English village!

As I have noted many times before on this site, councils are the enemies of the people!

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  1. Perhaps the owners should just put a flagpole up and fly the flag.......We have a right to fly a national flag.....Whether Nanny and her British hating chums like it or not.

  2. Anonymous11:22 AM

    The union jack is not actually in the window, and can be seen here…….

    I dislike councils as much as anyone else and their reasons for insisting that the flag(s) be removed are odious. However, if the owners of the chip shop care so passionately about their national flag they should not have used it as an advertisement.

  3. What the F**k not?! The UJ is used all over the world to advertise Britian and British things....

    1. eg BA use it in stylised form on their tail fins...will Fylde council be banning BA from overflying their territory?

  4. Lord of Atlantis11:33 AM

    But surely, anonymous, if the shop is their property, they are entitled to display anything they like in their window, provided it is not offensive or provocative? It never ceases to amaze me that, with the country in such a financial mess, local authorities can always find money for this kind of politically correct nonsense!

  5. Anonymous11:59 AM

    I am totally in favour of anyone being able to display their National flag wherever they want, and I think it is appalling that in Britain the flag is seen as ‘racist’ and is not proudly displayed as in other countries.
    In America, for instance, all public buildings fly their flag. All schools, hospitals and libraries have their flag on display. I am led to believe that all schoolchildren are given a framed photograph of their flag on their first day at school.
    I agree with the first comment made. The owners of the shop should buy a flag pole.
    I simply find it distasteful that such an important symbol should be used as a fish-and-chip shop sign, and have writing scrawled over it.

  6. Archroy3:32 PM

    Hmmm... not quite a cut and dried case this one. If this is a little olde-worlde village that sign could be a bit out of character. I'm sure they'll be able to come up with something that's "in the best possible taste"

  7. I took a quick look at the place using Google street view. It is not olde-worlde at all. Directly opposite is a housing development with green space in front. The development looks early 1960's, judging by the design. It is in a row of somewhat non-descript shops with all different kinds of signs.
    The chippy in question has no signs at all in the Google picture, so if you look, it is the white-fronted store next to the one with the "To Let" sign over it.

  8. William8:49 AM

    Seems confusion is rife in Fylde...

    "Lesley, 53, was furious at the decision and said: "We are an English fish and chip shop, yet we cannot even use our own flag to celebrate that."

    Surely should be using a flag of St George not a union flag!

    1. Howard11:33 AM

      England is still part of the Union....and part of the EU too, so I wonder if the council would DARE ask them to take down an EU flag! They's have the might of Brussels bearing down on them!