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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Climbdown - Nanny Likes Flowers

Loyal readers will recall that last Thursday I wrote about the problems that Brain and Janna Coomber were having with Nanny:
"...after several years of doing the floral decorations (for free) at Weymouth railway station they have been told by Nanny to stop it.

For why?

Nanny fears for their health and safety wrt their use of a ladder for filling the hanging planters
Can you guess what happened next children?

Yes, that's right, following the furore Nanny has backed down and has told them that they can carry on doing the flowers.

What happened?

Well, seemingly a risk assessment has now been conducted which has given the all clear; additionally South West Trains claims that there was a "misunderstanding".


Nothing to do with the adverse publicity then?

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me, just how often the hi-viz clad bullies back down once the light of publicity has illuminated their jobsworth natures.

    Just laugh at hi-viz.

  2. Archroy3:31 PM

    As I have said before, every jobsworth should have a little framed motto over their desk saying "How will this look in the Daily Mail". Maybe you could get some nicely designed ones made in Sweden for Nanny's Store?

  3. @Archroy - But 'Nanny' wouldn't be able to display that sign without first doing an Elfin-safe-Tea assessment

  4. Lord of Atlantis12:31 PM

    As I understand matters, the decision to impose this ban was made by a new station master, station manager or whatever they are called these days. My guess is that his bosses did not like the negative impact generated by the publicity on this matter, so had a 'quiet word' with the person involve over this unfortunate