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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nanny Bans E-fags

My thanks to a loyal reader who has pointed me to a particularly stupid piece of Nanny nonsense, emanating from Nanny's chums in Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Nanny has decreed that because E-cigarettes (designed to help people quit smoking) look so much like the real thing, that they are to be banned from all buildings and grounds covered by the Trust (eg the Royal Sussex County Hospital and the Princess Royal Hospital).

A spokesman is quoted by the Argus:
The trust’s smoke free working group took the view that some makes of e-cigarette look remarkably similar to ordinary cigarettes, particularly when seen from a distance or at a glance.

Allowing people to use e-cigarettes on site could therefore give the impression that the trust condones smoking on site, or does not actively enforce its no smoking policy. 

During the consultation process, the trust council, the health and safety committee and the hospital management board were all asked to consider this point and the rationale for banning e-cigarettes.
What a load of bollocks!

Hospitals are ghastly stressful places to be in (whether you are a patient, or a member of staff); people incarcerated in these places should at least be given some means of stress relief, especially if that relief is provided by something as harmless as an E-cigarette.

I dare say the Trust will also ban people drinking Lucozade, Irn-Bru (and the equivalent) lest people mistake it at a distance for whisky!

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