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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Nanny's Motivational Texts

I see that Nanny is trying a new tactic in her war against obesity, namely sending obese people motivational texts.

Seemingly 500 obese people in Stoke-on-Trent who sign up for the £10,000 10 week scheme will be the joyful recipients of messages such as:

- "Use the stairs more"
- "Eat more fruit" etc.

Cabinet member for health Adrian Knapper is quoted by the BBC:
"On average it costs the same amount [£10,000] to perform just one intervention operation to help people manage their weight.

Our programme means people who already want to lose weight and have signed up with us to get support will receive a cheap and effective nudge to help keep them motivated."
I have to question how effective this will really be, whenever I receive a spam text I simply bin it.

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  1. Yet another gem from The Department of Waste and Silly Ideas; Nanny's biggest department by far!

    What I find even more crazy, is that so many people have signed up to receive these texts. If they are serious about losing weight, they need to talk to medical professionals, not the bloody council.

    For many, the fundamental problem, is that the hole under their nose is far bigger than the hole is their arse:-)
    It is true to say that we should eat less and move about more however, for people who are very obese, the strain that can be placed on joints, bones and muscles during exercise can be very damaging and dangerous in itself.

    My free advice, from an era when the people of Britain still had commonsense, is everything in moderation.

  2. But I thought Nanny was trying to ban use of words like "Obese" in case they cause offence?