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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Nanny Is Mother, Nanny Is father

I am underwhelmed to see that the Tories are becoming more Nannyish in their views and policies, as evidenced by Michael Gove's recent announcement that he wants to extend the State school day to between 6pm and 7pm.

He claims that he wishes State schools to emulate private schools (which have post school day activities). This might be all very well and dandy if that meant such activities as model railway clubs, chess clubs and CCF etc.

However, pound to a penny, the reality will be that the extra hours will simply be used by Nanny and parents as a means of surrogate "daycare" or dumping ground for kids who actually don't want to be there after hours; ie Nanny will take on the role of the parents.

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  1. The fundamental problem with our state education system, in my opinion, is that it ceased to be an education system many years ago and became an indoctrination system into "Lefty, BBC type, socialist think."

    Too many parents see schools as free baby sitters and child care. I understand that some parents don't even toilet train their children before they start school; I read one mother who thought it was the role of the teaching assistant to change nappies on her three year old.
    I think disposable nappies have made some parents really lazy regarding getting their children clean; I suspect if these mothers had to keep washing out terry nappies each time, most kids would be clean much sooner.

    I am deeply troubled that Nanny is suggesting schools should take two year olds. This is the time children should be bonding with their parents and not being institutuionalised by Nanny.
    Once it becomes the norm for kids to start school at two, as sure as night follows day, tick box targets will be introduced in relation to educational achievements. Nanny needs to understand that a kid of two years and ten months is going to be more advanced than a kid of just two.

    I hear that Mr Gove wants to introduce tougher discipline too in his shake up of the indoctrination system; all well and good, except I am not sure that pupils being forced to do unpaid work in the school(slavery I think), like cleaning the common areas or weeding, is a good idea, if anything, this type of punishment will only make the child hostile to work and perhaps destroy their work ethic. I still wonder what would happen if a teacher gave a kid lines or work as a punishment and the kid said no. Where could the teacher then go?

    I look at some of the rubbish my own grandchildren are taught at school and wonder whether this PC rubbish will actually help them in the real world once they complete their indoctrination/education.

  2. Sorry Ken, last thought; I wonder whether Nanny would like to see people give birth at their desks or machines with the baby dropping straight onto a conveyor belt, which takes it straight to a state facility where it can changed into a state drone. It seems to me that, more and more, Nanny sees children as her own property to manipulate and use as she sees fit.

  3. Lord of Atlantis11:10 AM

    Both your posts are spot on, Tonk! What you describe in your second post sounds rather like the Hitler Youth, or the system "enjoyed" by the youth in ancient Sparta! I have seen science fiction movies in which the upbringing of children is similar too and this seems to be a very sinister development in my opinion. As far as discipline goes, I am well in favour of improving the present situation. My suggestion? Bring back the cane and, if the EU and other politically correct, left wing types object, we should simply say "Tough!"