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Friday, February 07, 2014

Nanny Loves Little Animals

As the country endures a veritable 40 day biblical downpour of storms and floods (please note the water companies will be wasting most of this water and, come summer, will be claiming "drought"!), it is reassuring to know that Nanny's chums in the Environment Agency put the welfare of small animals and birds ahead of humans.

Aside from stopping the dredging of the 800 year old drainage channels in Somerset, lest the water voles be harmed, Nanny has also held back working on the protection of the Dawlish railway line until a study had been completed on the impact on local birdlife.

Lord Berkeley, a former rail industry executive, has said (as per the Telegraph) that the Environment Agency was “looking after birds before humans”.

The beaches and mudflats in the Dawlish area are a renowned haven for birdlife, home to 12,000 wading birds including oystercatchers and redshanks. Rare species including avocets and black-tailed godwits have also been seen.

Lord Berkeley said that the agency had not taken concerns about the railway seriously at a meeting.
They said they could repopulate the beach, pump sand onto it to raise it up so the waves broke further out – but the birds would have to be looked after.” 
Nanny loves wildlife because it doesn't answer back, hence her continued efforts to turn us into hybrid "sheeple".

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  1. Tonk.4:50 PM

    Nanny and her chums will put anyone and anything ahead of her own people; you know, the ones who fund her regime through the tax system. Nanny can send a fortune over seas to help their people who have suffered disasters etc, but for those in South West England, she offers very little......I wonder what percentage the money given to help people in this country during these storms, represents in terms of the foreign aid budget?

    I have always been a Conservative supporter until Mr Cameron took over the party and recently, I have intended to lend my vote to UKIP who, in my opinion, sounded like true Conservatives just like me however, this week I have had to have a re-think, because I see UKIP have now started to throw out people who have expressed views which were not in tune with BBC "PC" think opinion.

    My own local MP, John Redwood, is a good local MP but, because of the way our system works, I cannot endorse him without giving silent approval to Mr Cameron and his progressive Marxist policies and direction of travel.....Things must be getting bad in the Number Ten bunker, Mr Cameron actually used the "England" word today!

  2. Perhaps spending some of the infrastructure budget on a tunnel, rather than pissing away a significantly higher sum on HS2 would be a sensible option?