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Friday, March 04, 2005

Nanny Misuses ASBO

Nanny Misuses ASBO

You will doubtless recall that when ASBO's (Anti Social Behaviour Orders) were introduced, Nanny assured us that they were to be used to improve the quality of life eg; noisy neighbours and unruly teenagers would be disciplined by the serving of these legal instruments.

There were those that doubted Nanny's good intentions; they suspected that the ASBO could, and would, be used for other matters.

Now we see that they have been used for other matters, entirely unrelated to the original stated intention of these legal instruments.

It is reported that Kim Sutton, a suicidal woman, with a predilection for trying to jump into rivers etc has had an ASBO served on her.

The ASBO bans her from jumping into rivers and canals, or from going on to railway lines. Additionally, it forbids her from going alone to multi-storey car parks.

Seemingly Sutton faces jail if she breaches the terms of the two-year order.

Now it is very clear that the lady needs some help.

However, how on earth does the issuance of an ASBO, with a threatened prison term, help her?

Marjorie Wallace, the chief executive of Sane, said:

"An Asbo is a quite inappropriate way of dealing with someone with mental issues and could make that person even more determined to go through with a suicide attempt."

This is only the thin end of the wedge. I suspect that we will see ASBO's used more and more in a variety of "innovative" ways both by Nanny, and by people looking to settle old scores.

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