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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, April 14, 2006

Nanny Bans Parents

Nanny Bans ParentsNanny's tireless crusade against the evil weed continues apace. Needless to say, she conveniently ignores the fact that she earns a significant amount of revenue from the taxes that she levies on fags.

Not content with banning smoking in all manner of public places, Nanny has now decided that those who smoke at home should also be penalised.

Nanny's revolting little trolls at Dundee City Council have banned two foster carer couples from looking after children, because they won't give up smoking.

The couples have had the temerity to defy the no smoking rules imposed by the scumbags (I don't think thhat is too strong a word) at Dundee City Council, who insist that homes for foster parents be smoke free.

Nanny requires prospective foster parents to sign a pledge promising not to light up under their own roof.

Out of 27 existing foster parents in the city who smoke, 25 have said that they will accept the new guidelines. The two remaining couples are refusing to comply, even though they face being stripped of their approved foster-parent status.

An official report on the Family Placement smoking policy, which is backed by the city's social work committee, states:

"Two households have indicated they will not comply with the revised policy.

In order to progress towards a situation of full compliance the Family Placement Service will continue to work with these two carers to try to reduce the effect of their smoking on the young people in their care and, when the placements end, to review their approval

Nanny, as usual, chooses to insist that her petty minded and nasty rules be placed above practical common sense.

Orphaned children and those in care are crying out for stable loving foster parents, smoking should be the least of Nanny's worries in recruiting foster parents.

Claire Dickinson, of the Fostering Network, sums it up by saying:

"It is clearly better for a child to live in a smoke-free environment, but being a good foster carer is about much more than whether or not you smoke."

Nanny is a hateful spiteful old witch who is causing unnecessary suffering and hurt, merely so that her petty rules are obeyed.

She is without pity or sympathy, and cannot in anyway be considered to be fit to hold office if she cannot empathise with the people that she is meant to serve.


  1. Don't wait for the placements to end before you are deregistered, foster carers.
    End them NOW. Tell Nanny's Social Work Gestapo to come and get the kids and place them somewhere else.
    If there is anywhere else.
    I know it's tough on the kids, but you have to make a stand sometime.

  2. Some time ago I said that the next step would be stopping smoking in the home as a joke. I really must stop opening my big mouth.
    Time for Nanny and all her mates to get lost. ?revolution.