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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, April 10, 2006

Nanny Bans Hot Water

Nanny Bans Hot Water
As if Nanny doesn't have enough to worry about, she has decided to get a bee in her bonnet about showers and baths and the dangers associated with hot water.

You might recall this was mentioned a year ago on this site (see Despot Lands in Hot Water).

Well it seems that Nanny hasn't given up on her daft idea to ban hot water, and her best friend Mary Creagh MP has launched a campaign to reduce scalding injuries.

Creagh wants to change the law so that thermostatic valves are fitted in all new and refurbished homes, to prevent hot bath water scalding.

A staggering 600 people a year suffer severe bath water scalds. In Nanny's world that is a ginormous figure, in the real world that is statistically irrelevant.

There are 58 million people in the UK, assume they each have a bath/shower once a day; that is 20,648,000,000 baths a year, out of which only 600 injure themselves.


Creagh is undaunted by statistical reality, and says:

"We need to change the law to stop these horrific accidents from happening.

Boiling bath water causes terrible injuries

for children and pensioners

because their skin is thinner

and they are less able to get out of a superheated bath.

Hot water burns like fire

(editor's no it doesn't you ignorant MP!)

Scotland has changed its law to protect people - why can't we

Why should we?

Creagh ignores a few facts:

-How many people injure themselves by slipping in a bath or shower?

-Will Nanny be banning baths and showers?

-How many infections are caused by using water that is not hot enough?

-If people tested the water first, before stepping in, they wouldn't burn themselves.

-Will Nanny be banning kettles, fires and ovens?

Bloody stupid!


  1. It is difficult to see how generations of our countrymen and women have managed to survive without all these helpful (sic) instructions. regulations and the hordes of overpaid underworked government employees to look after us.
    Just imagine how many extra staff Prescott will have to take on to go to every house explaining that we must not get into a hot bath. The next thing will be regulations about bath mats, haircaps, standard soap size and how many pieces of paper to use when visiting the toilet

  2. Anonymous2:13 AM

    There must be something in the water over there in Blighty that causes mass mental illness.

    Most of the people in the gubmint are bat-shit raving nuts. And so are the fuckwits who keep electing them to positions of power.

    It seems to me, most of the Brits with any intelligence moved to America hundreds of years ago.