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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Smooth Talking Bar Steward

The Smooth Talking Bar Steward
Gratifying to see that Nanny's Smooth Talking Bar Steward has lived up to the nickname given to him by this site, and used his cunning linguistic skills to charm the ladies.

See Two Jags Two Wives.

The Smooth Talking Bar StewardCommemorative T shirts and thongs of this historic event can be purchased here Bollocks To The Bar Steward.


  1. I'm afraid the mind boggles as to who would even want to jump into bed with Prescott???

  2. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Maybe we should be calling him "Two Shags" !

  3. Afghanistan Bananastand8:30 PM

    Or "Two Bags".

    Let's face it, wifey Pauline is carrion dressed as lamb. The other bint must be (a) ugly, (b) deranged, (c) deaf-blind or (d) a Martian, or possibly all four at once.

    The very idea of JP on the job is enough to let me re-examine, in detail, the masticated contents of my dinner-plate. Ugh!

  4. I happened to be outside when my post lady arrived this morning and one fo the first things she said related to the Bar Steward and something along the lines of "who on earth ..." and "you wouldn't would you?" , quickly qualified to explain she was talking from a female POV and not casting aspersions about my preferences.

    At the time I wondered why she had obliquely raised the subject of hanky panky in the same sentence as the word Prescott.

    It was a couple of hours later before I read the story about the secretary.

    Seems that politicians who are about to fade from the spotlight need something to revive their 'reputation'. Worked for Clinton. Also most of the French lot. We have had a few here, the most unlikely being Major I suppose.

    Give it a few weeks and Blair will probably claim to be having torrid threesomes with the Caplin woman and, say, Alistair Campbell. Whether real or not may not be of interest, the publicity should be enough to ensure tremendous sales of his book when he retires.

    Gordon Brown is one up on all of them since he can realistically claim to have shagged the whole country.

    I have this theory that most rich blokes, being ugly, had to become rich if they were ever to get laid. Either that or become powerful, not necessarily in the physical sense. Money and power seem to be recognised as intense aphrodisiacs.

    Happily I have neither so I'm not getting pestered all the time, except of course for money by the various government departments responsible for creating poverty.

  5. My theory is that Presacott asked her if she 'fancied a jag' ... and she misheard him. ;o)