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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Nanny Bans Easter

Nanny Bans EasterAnother Easter is about to be upon us, how time flies!

Needless to say Nanny and her trolls are keen to make sure that her presence is not forgotten, or placed below that of God.

Therefore she has decided to ban Easter, or at least the mention of Easter.

An Iranian Christian group from Hexthorpe Methodist Church Doncaster Yorkshire has been forbidden from advertising its Easter passion play in a public library, lest they cause offence to other religious groups.

The 100 members of the Methodist group have performed the play twice before, this year it will put on the open-air show in Rotherham and they had hoped to advertise the event in the main library there.

Needless to say Nanny's odious little trolls in Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council have had to have their say. They told the group that to do so would infringe a long-standing policy, which does not allow religious groups to put posters up in its libraries and museums.

Elizabeth Collins, a Bible teacher with the group, said:

"This is supposed to be a Christian country, we can't believe it.

We go to other countries to promote democracy and free-thinking yet on our own doorstep we cannot even put up a poster about our Easter passion play.

This is ludicrous and so petty.

We have already taken religion out of our schools and now it is being taken out of public places as well

Members of the group have separate Bible studies in Iranian, but all attend English language church services every Sunday.

Miss Collins said:

"Rotherham council gave us permission to perform the play, but we're effectively not being allowed to publicise it.

One of our members wanted to put up a poster about the play in the library

but officials kept it for a few days

then came back and said it could not be displayed

because it might cause offence to other people.

We can only imagine they mean other religions.

The poster just has a cross on it with the date,

time and place of the performance and says Iranian Christian Drama.

What offence can that cause to anyone

Miss Collins added:

"I was more than a little bit angry when I heard of the ban.

I am dismayed to see the state of this nation.

What has it come to when you cannot display a Christian poster for fear of upsetting somebody else in a Christian country?

If I had gone to Iran with a poster under my arm and tried to place it in a library there I would probably have come out without a head on my shoulders

Rotherham metropolitan borough council explained that its ban applied to all of the religious, political and commercial groups in the district.

A spokesman said:

"We have had a policy in place for more than 20 years that religious groups are not allowed to display posters in our museums and libraries.

It is nothing against the particular church or group. It is just a blanket ban.

It is not the poster or the event which is causing us concern.

We don't want to promote one religious group above another

Nanny misses the point, in a free society it should be perfectly OK for groups (whatever their faith or political inclination) to advertise their existence and activities.

Please feel free to send your Easter messages to Rotherham Council via this link Wish Rotherham a Happy Easter.

Happy Easter folks!


  1. pauline12:20 PM

    What a lot of PC ignorant nonsense. WHAT is it about the mind set of those employed by local authorities? I congratulate the Jobsworths concerned for managing to offend Christians at the time of the most Sacred Festival of the Christian year.

    I suppose next that posters for performances of works such as Handel's 'Messiah' or Mozart's 'Requiem' will also be banned as the music has religious (Christian) connotations

    Happy Easter Ken et al Keep up the good work

  2. Barry, the Supreme Deity8:23 PM

    I wish to support Rotherham Council. Well, I don't, really, but I wish their policy prevailed ALL OVER THE WORLD. Then we wouldn't have all these frightful people trying to murder each other in the name of whatever deity they have invented for themselves. Or these loonies who believe the Bible is to be taken literally, verse by verse. Or Ian Paisley: I rest my case.

  3. Grant2:42 AM

    I think Barry the Supreme Deity has it right in this case and I note that Rotherham claim that the blanket ban (Why is it that everyone bans blankets?) covers more than religion.

    I would like to know what would happen of an Agnostic Group or a group of atheists wanted to advertise there though. Or maybe some nihilists.

    To pick up on a point that Pauline made, I am surprised that musical instruments have not yet been banned in the interest of equality and inclusion/exclusion or whatever it is. I understand that Islam does not condone the use of musical instruments so it seems unfair that any should be used.

    However I further understand that percussive insturments and the voice are not banned. Surely an oversight in the original tranlsations? Utter silence for the religions, and one needs to take a lead on this, would be good for peace around the world. If the use of the voice was banned it would be much harder to communicate which in turn should make it much harder to organise anything. Anywhere. For any purpose.

    One would hope.

  4. Robert2:03 PM

    Yeah, lets ban all those terrible religious types, then we can all admire barrys atheistic pals. You know, people like Hitler, Stalin, Pop Pot.......
    This is not anything to do with religion, it is to do with a perceived offense of any minority(read;non-christian brown person)by the PC nannyists.
    Rotherham council should be ashamed; actually they should be shot and pissed on after being skinned with dull butter knives, but its not PC to say that.

  5. Robert2:05 PM

    Pol Pot, Pol Pot.

  6. Grant1:12 PM

    I rather like the sound of Pop Pot - surely no one with a name like that could be a monster?

    The list of undesirables Robert offers could probably be balanced by the effects of a few religious leader, or leading religious groups, along the way. As I recall there were quite a few periods of history where religious leaders of all types have managed to justify what we would see as excessive behaviour. Perhaps it was normal for the times and only looks bad in hindsight.

    Hitler, I believe, was a devotee of what we would now call the Green Ecology religion. And against smoking.

    So we might assume that in order to spot any potential Hitler types coming to the fore politically these days we would do well to watch for ego maniacs who push a green agenda, are anti smoking and don't much like supporting Jewish causes or those with naturally affluent backgrounds. Yes, I appreciate there is a little more to it than that, especially on the economic front, but in social terms those seem to be quite dominant factors.

    I wonder if he liked newts?

    Perhaps we could some up with a list?

  7. Grant

    Re your Hitler list, aside from being anti smoking:

    -He was a vegetarian

    -He didn't drink

    All very clear warning signs of a disturbed personality.