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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tide Turns Against Nanny

Tide Turns Against NannyNormally, I leave the comments made by the readership in the comments section of the site; they are usually very stimulating, and tend to hit the nail on the head when it comes to the incompetence and stupidity of Nanny.

Please keep them coming!

However, in this particular case I would like to draw your attention to the comments made by Grant in respect of "Nanny Bans Muslim".

Grant I would like to thank you for your comments, and hope that you do not mind me highlighting your post. I believe that your comments about Crapita highlight exactly the nature of the incompetence of Nanny and her trolls.

More importantly I believe that you have hit the nail on the head, with your assertion that people are now thoroughly fed up with the state and those that make a very nice living out of the state.

The question is, who on earth do we vote for to deliver us from the state?

Locally, please vote

Nationally the answer is not clear.

Comments, as ever, very welcome and much appreciated.

Here is Grant's post:

"Artella, I didn't really miss the point. I can see why Nanny would wish to encourage the pastime of watching pap but get confused by the need to offend no one under any circumstances. I did say that "I" would have banned the ad in an attempt (pointless perhaps) to discourage self inflicted brain death. Surely someone will ban that right at some point, won't they?

A few years I had a similar degree of attention from Crapita as Winston Smith has experienced. After my mother passed on her TV licence (free) came up for renewal which prompted me to call the number and advise them that the house was not permanently occupied at the time. I called twice. Then wrote. Still the letters came, though eventually addressed to "The Occupier". I gave up trying to help their admin system. Eventually the letters started arriving once more addressed to my late mother. 2 or 3 a month, presumably because Crapita are paid based on how many letters they send out ... ?

In the end I gave up and kept the kettle warm when I was at the house in anticipation of a visit from the TVLA gestapo. It never happened. I expect they were all too busy with monitoring halls of residence at universities. Now that IS a scam if ever there was one. Makes Turpin of Downing Street look like an amateur.

I was going to keep the Crapita letters and paper a wall with them but my life manager seems to have disposed of them.

Interestingly, on the subject of general dissatisfaction with things, I seem to be meeting more and more people who are volunteering the information that they are rather or very unhappy with the way this country is developing. These are mostly ordinary people who I would have judged to be the very last ones to feel the need to voice such opinions. And they are not just the usual general moans either.

Maybe there is a form of revolution brewing.

But if they seek a political change of tack, who on earth would they vote for?"


  1. All the main parties are in this conspiracy to make the nation into a load of brainless or non thinking morons and I fear that it is almost too late to turn the tide.
    If I was younger I would be off to OZ, N.Z. or Canada with no hesitation.
    When or if the penny drops the BNP should get a wonderful boost.

  2. Thanks for your comments Ken. I have no problem at all with you highlighting my quote, though I am now monitoring the skies for the presence of sinister black helicopters.

    Just to point out that my proof reading is crap and the first line quoted by Ken needed an 'ago' in it shortly after the start ... :-(

    In recent years I have wondering about advising my daugghters to change countries whilst the opportunity exists, much like railwayman39 I fear it is too late for me to attempt the same move.

    The problem is that the other countries do not seem to be much better and in many cases are ahead pf the UK game in terms of social engineering and population shepherding.

    NZ is run by eco-maniacs.

    Oz has an identity crisis going on and seems too keen on draconian laws. Like the UK it has been subject to rapid rises in the level of imigration, from the eastern pac rim area in their case.

    (Plus it has a lot of poisonous critters that my wife would not like. Hmm, well now there's a thought ....)

    Canada seems to have a split personality, is very cold for too much of the year and is also in the grip of eco-fever, or so it seems. They also seem to be experiencing a significant change in population mix which could have unpredictable results since they are already divided by language historically.

    The Balkans and some of the eastern european countries could be interesting - must be quite empty down there these days ...