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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Twats!Sometimes Nanny does something which, even by her standards, is so monumentally stupid that the term "Twat" can only be applied.

This time her lackeys in Nanny's Republic of Glasgow have come up with a real wheeze (there's a pun in there if you look hard enough).

You will recall that Scotland is a few steps ahead of England in respect of banning smoking? Well yet again the Scots are leading the way in extending this ban.

Smokers in Glasgow are being urged to extend the nationwide smoking ban in public places, to their own homes. A project, running since December, in the city's east end has managed to harangue 50 people into signing up to make their homes smoke free.

Seemingly residents can "earn" a gold award by making their home entirely smoke free, or silver by having a dedicated ventilated smoking room.

Do these people lead such sad lives that the award by Nanny of a gold star really gives them a kick?

Get a life!

The project aims to protect families and young children from the effects of passive smoking.

Now if only we could have a project to protect us from Nanny, that would be something!

Nanny is currently targeting families with children aged under five, you can bet that she will extend her target area in the near future.

Agnes McGowan, principle health promotion officer (tobacco) with NHS Greater Glasgow, said:

"It has been very well received.

Smoking is normalised in communities and a way to deal with stress.

We say, you can protect your family

Rather ominously, Nanny's chums in Glasgow City Council have visited 143 premises since the introduction of the ban.

Do they have a right to do that?

The local authority didn't issue any penalties, but said it was "a little disappointed" at a lack of no smoking notices.

A spokeswoman said:

"That's part of the legislation and we'd expect to see a bit more attention by owners to that area over the next few days."

What will they do if they find people smoking I wonder?

The scary thing is that we are paying these people's salaries!

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  1. Grant5:50 PM

    Apparently the Scottish Workplace Smoking ban also covers such places of work as company commercial vehicles, even if the company and the vehicle are based outside Scotland.

    There are penalties applicable if the vehicle is not displaying the appropriate warning and no smoking signs - whatever they are ...

    So yet again the influence of the Scots is extended beyond their borders by a form of stealth.

    Perhaps the entire population of England, having been subject to the usual historic invasion via Dover in recent years, should take the traditional route and head north to escape the invading hordes.

    The Fat Bar Steward has missed an opportunity to get one back for the English by suggesting the South East rather than Scotland for his however many millions is will turn out to be new homes. He could have avoided the drought problem as well I believe.

    Presumably he did not study geography or history in his formative years.

  2. John Prescott8:30 PM

    I deeply repent that dispersion by grant, what he said, in so many words, was that I was a ignorant prat what I hadn't studied at school. Let me tell you that I were born at a very early age and my dad I remember him all D. H. Lawrence like in a tin bath by the fire when he got back from pit, I mean the trawler, where he risked his limbs and life to catch fish & chips for the likes of rich middle-class B*ST*RDS like you. How dare you call me Fat. When I were a lad we were so poor (cont'd p. 94; see also Archives of Class Hatred, Vols. 73-112; Leninist Weekly (incorporating What Government?), June 1977; The Beano, April 4 1953; and Hansard passim.

  3. Grant9:10 PM


    Now that is rare quality humour from "Master Prescott". Much enjoyed.

    As a lad when I stayed at my Grandma's house we had full use of her outside privy and the tin bath on the red tiled kitchen floor - if someone had remembered to heat the water in the large boiler. Regular hot water for washing up and similar came from an Ascot heater on the wall.

    The washing stayed cleaner when the nearby train line lost the last of its steam trains and the roads smoother when they tarmaced over the cobbles. Prior to that the only use for the streets was left to kids playing, coal and other household deliveries and the occasional motor vehicle driven by visitors from afar.

    The milkman's horse seemed to be one of the most intelligent beings around. He knew the delivery route intimately and would stop and start without instruction in perfect synchronisation with the milkman's activities more often than not. A change of milk order fo the day might represent a problem but at least the milkman chappie was kept to his schedule. No long doorstep chats. (I will confess I never followed them on their full route. Whether there was a house or two where a longer tarry was enjoyed I cannot say ... ;-) )

    These days I expect the RSPCA would take exception to the horse's sense of purpose and claim it was not being offered enough 'choices' or some such tomfoolery. Probably offer it counselling and a course in self assertiveness.

    Those were the days. It was never quite the same after my aunt, who stayed on at the house after my Grandma passed away at the ripe old age of 93, had the lovely damp bedroom at the back of the house converted into a bathroom in the early '80s ...