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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nanny Bans Hobbies

Nanny's Child CatcherNanny claims that she only has our best interests at heart, and that the rules that she imposes on us are for our own protection.

To some extent, as adults, we only have ourselves to blame for Nanny's interference in our lives. We can, after all, vote her out of orifice or stick two fingers up at her "advice" (eg "don't drink when pregnant") and get on with our lives.

However, it becomes more difficult to do that when you are a child trapped by Nanny's bony fingered clutch.

Nanny is paranoid about paedophiles, to such an extent that she and her chums in the media have caused something akin to hysteria in the rest of the population. The hysteria becomes a vicious circle; as Nanny is pushed by the media to impose even more bureaucratic rules and checks on people, who may come into contact with children.

As such, according to the Manifesto group, it is now the case that several hobby clubs have closed their doors to under-18s; and teenagers have been turned away from clubs, if their parents do not accompany them.

In short, adults have become afraid of helping and mixing with young people, with some coaches refusing to coach children.

John Bridgett, Retford Model Flying Club, is quoted as saying:

"I think the sport will die -

so many people now say that they don't

want to get anywhere near youngsters

Nanny has succeeded in widening the gulf between children and adults, and has made adults and children afraid of mixing with each other.

Without adult role models in the community, how are children expected to grow up into well rounded mature adults?

By wrapping children in cotton wool, Nanny is stunting their natural social and mental development; making it impossible for them to interact in a meaningful, and satisfying, level in the adult world.

Isn't that child abuse?


  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Several years ago, I ran local card game tournaments. We used to get kids as young as 9-10 coming along (well, being dropped off by their parents). I personally think that the parents were thinking '£5 for 8 hours free from my child? Bargain!'.

    These days I would have to go through at least one background check to avoid getting in trouble with the police over this.

  2. Also it isn't too easy for kids to get involved in making things any more.

    I've probably moaned before that in my youth we had Airfix models, and today the companies defuct. Children not being allowed to buy knives and glue may have a small part in this.

    Throw in some decent health and safety concerns and youu could pretty well close down any club you like

  3. Anonymous2:11 PM

    "Nanny has succeeded in widening the gulf between children and adults, and has made adults and children afraid of mixing with each other"

    That's the whole point. If children mix with us normal(can I use the word normal)adults nanny may not find them quite so easy to brainwash.

  4. Anonymous2:27 PM

    And they also wonder why there's a shortage of teachers (especially male teachers). They're scared to death of even the smallest accusation from an imaginative and vindictive kid.

  5. And speaking of 'police checks', it seems that even my clients who are landlords of social type properties need these, even though this sort of 'Nanny' type social landlord (and not even renting to children) is a creation of Bliar and his daft cronies.

    Am a bit pissed off at the moment as around three of Blair's precious little 'Nanny State' young hooligans have this afternoon come into my garden and, for a bit of fun, just torn off branches and stripped the bark from a superb looking 15 year old Japanese maple we have. I expect Nanny will find all sorts of excuses for this behaviour, and perhaps even blame us for having the audacity to grow one in our garden!!!

  6. mitch7:59 PM

    Nanny wants this seperation, makes turning them into brainless drones easy.

  7. It is odd how just after the war there were a lot of maiden aunts who became rather notorious for meddling in there fertile sisters' offspring upbringing.
    And now once again we have a mass of barren women who want a piece of the few children left. One way or another.