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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nanny Doesn't Ban Cheese

Nanny Doesn't Ban CheeseFurther to my earlier article about Nanny banning cheese adverts, I am pleased to say that it would seem that she has been overruled on another cheese related matter.

Namely, the cheese rolling contest of Cooper's Hill in Brockworth.

The cheese rolling contest takes place annually, and involves rolling an 8lb Double Gloucester (shaped like a wheel) down Cooper's Hill. The competitors chase the cheese.

This Monday Bank Holiday, around 3,000 spectators gathered in the rain to cheer the cheese chasers, who stumble and tumble 200m down Cooper's Hill (which has a 1 in 3 gradient).

Jason Crowther from Pembrokeshire, won the first of the five races and is now the proud owner of a large cheese.


"There's no training you can do for this.

You have just got to go for it.

It was a bit slippery and I heard something crack,

which I think was my knee.

But there aren't any tactics involved

as you can probably see

The winners keep the cheese, runners-up get £10 and £5 for finishing third.

Twenty people were treated for minor injuries, paramedics said, down from 34 last year.

The event is thought to have its roots in a heathen festival to celebrate the return of spring.

Congratulations to the good people of Cooper's Hill, for ignoring Nanny and her minions. As Richard Jeffries, the event organiser, said:

"There are various people who would like to

see it stopped but it's a British tradition

Long may they continue to stick two fingers up to Nanny!

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  1. nanny's little helper11:25 AM

    Thank-you for bringing this disrespect of the Rules to my attention.

    These offenders have been targeted for reeducation or elimination.