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Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Roast Beef of Olde England II

The Roast Beef of Olde England IIYou may recall that last October I wrote of my horror at discovering that Simpson's had started to serve its beef sans fat.

I wrote to Simpson's at the time, pointing them to my article, in the hope that they would take remedial action.

This Friday I revisited Simpson's, with an old chum from my days in KPMG, and am happy to report that the fat is back! I would also note that, as it should be, it was a nice dark yellow (not pale white); thus indicating that the meat had been hung for at least 3 weeks.

Remember folks, like oil in a car engine, the blood needs fat in it to help it circulate!

Well done Simpson's. My chum and I had an excellent meal and evening.

I was going to write about this yesterday. However, owing to the heroic quantities of booze consumed (lager, gin, vodka, wine, 3 Irish coffees and 3 Cointreaus) I couldn't.

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  1. Many years ago my father took me to Simpsons(I take it we are talking about Simpsons In The Strand?).
    The meal was delicious.
    "By the way, if you drop a sprout on the floor-don't pick it up."
    I still remember his advice.
    My old man was a bit of a class victim.