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Friday, September 03, 2010

On Yer Bike!

On Yer BikeOoh, another bicycle story!

This one concerns the recent use of two police community officers and two real police officers to deal with James Gresty, an 84 year old of Greater Manchester, who was allegedly riding his bicycle on the pavement.

Now I know that riding bikes on pavements is a veritable pain in the derriere for the pedestrians. However, did it really need 4 officers to deal with one 84 year old man?

Seemingly Mr Gresty was chased into a bank by two police community support officer,s after they saw him cycling on the path outside.

Mr Gresty was ordered or asked (depending on your point of view) to come outside for a "wee chat" and telling off. However, being of an age that tends to dislike authority he refused.

Therefore "back up" was called for.

Two real officers in a police van arrived, and issued him with a £30 fixed penalty notice for the offence of cycling in a pedestrianised area.

Mr Gresty contends that he had got off his bike before he got on the pavement.

Mr Gresty has sent the fixed penalty notice to the Chief Constable challenging him to take him to court.

Whether or not he was riding on the pavement, did it really need 4 officers to deal with him?

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