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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bin Brother - Slopping Out Banned

I am glad to see that our "beloved" new coalition government has "seen some commonsense", and at least attempted to trim the wings of Nanny's Bin Brother rules relating to slop buckets.

Coalition Nanny has decreed that households will no longer have to install slop buckets in every kitchen, something the ZaNuLabour had legislated to do.

Seemingly Nanny discovered, to her horror, that forcing people to use slop buckets (for the depositing of food waste) would in fact lead to an increase in fly tipping.


People not blindly obeying Nanny's rules without question, surely not??!!

Nanny had planned to ban certain materials going to landfill, eg; food, paper and metals, in order to obey EU targets (another "beloved" institution!).

However, Nanny spent a year consulting" about the effect of such legislation (that's the spirit Nanny, check something out after you say you will do it) and found that people would simply stick two fingers up to her if she tried to impose this idea.

By the way, slop buckets would of course have caused an increase in the amount of vermin.

Frankly all these "separate your waste" diktats are bollocks anyway. As we all know councils pay companies to take the "separated" waste, who then ship it off to India to be buried in one massive landfill.

Let's save all of the bother and cost of this nonsense, and return to the good old days of crapping out of the window!


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  1. Thanatos7:56 PM

    Our council has used 'vays und means' of persuading residents to separate their rubbish into about six different types of bin(aka 'recycling', though who knows what happens to it in reality). All the various recycling bins, including the 'slop buckets', are collected weekly. The normal rubbish bins are collected fortnightly. If you do Nanny's bidding and fill all her different coloured bins with all the various categories of junk, most of your rubbish gets taken away weekly (as it always used to, in one bin, up until a couple of years ago). If you don't, that's when you end up with an overflowing, stinking bin that only gets picked up every two weeks. It's irksome to feel one has capitulated but I haven't worked out a way round this yet. Suggestions welcome.

  2. O the wonders of re-cycling,take three bins,one for paper,one for plastic,one for glass/metal,on friday send three burmese round to pick them up,while grinning inanely,and let them dump the contents of all three bins in the same space in the dust cart,mixing it again,then attempt pidgin english whilst smashing said plastic bins on the road breaking the corners,job done.As for fly tipping,no-one even hides what they are doing anymore,it is acceptable for me to live in thier garbage,though they do not want it at thier house,same with dog excrement,fill supermarket bags with the stuff and dump it in the park,just as long as it is not on my lawn,five million dogs,two craps@quater pound each,per day,168lbs a year multiplied by five million,strewth enough to build several large mosques.