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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Patronising Bullshit

As I have noted before, and has been widely discussed by loyal readers on this site, the supermarkets are more than happy to do Nanny's bidding in order to "curry her favour".

I have just received this patronising piece of email bullshit from Sainsbury's:

"Dear Kenneth,

As autumn approaches, it's easy to start craving comfort foods. But with 100s of delicious recipes at Sainsbury's Diets, you can have comfort food without the calories!

Sainsbury's Diets is the convenient and flexible online slimming service designed to fit around you.

Join today for just £2* per week and get 500 bonus Nectar points!

This gives you unlimited access to 8 tasty Meal Plans, with easy to prepare recipes, alongside a flexible Food Diary that lets you enjoy your favourite foods.

Plus, you will receive a tailored Body Shape plan for toning, Diet Buddy for online support and you will even be able to access Sainsbury’s Diets via your mobile to keep on track wherever you are.

Customer Services Manager,
Sainsbury's Diets

A few observations on the above:

1 Why do Nanny and her acolytes assume that I will be unable to "control" my eating habits during the Autumn?

2 Why do Nanny and her acolytes assume that I am overweight (I am not), or about to become overweight (I won't)?

3 Were I to be overweight, what farking business is it of Nanny/Sainsbury's to pump out anti "fat" propaganda in this manner that implies I am unhappy with my body shape etc?

4 Were I to decide that I need to lose weight I am more than capable of using my intelligence, the internet etc to determine and work out the best way to do it...errmm...oh I less exercise more!

5 Is this not the same Sainsbury's that bombards us with TV and media adverts (especially in the run up to Christmas), encouraging us to gorge on fattening foods (eg mince pies, cream, cakes etc)? Hypocrites!

As I said, this is patronising bullshit; the supermarkets should stop aiding and abetting Nanny.

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  1. I read the other day that Tesco is going to start selling Viagra, so imagine the emails you'll soon be receiving from them!

  2. Tonk.4:31 PM


    It is amazing how supermarkets see themselves as part of the state/hi-viz brigade.

    I do hope you'll email Justin King (CEO at Sainburys) with your thoughts and provide a link to this site.....For your information, Sainsbury's are offering large tins of Quality Street and Roses for five pounds each and I am sure these are fattening, as the only sweet with a non fattening center that I know off is a Polo mint. ..... Roses and QS @£5 each that's half the price they were last year.....Hypocrets or what?


    Regarding Viagra, or to give it it's full pharmaoological name; Mycocksaflopine, I wonder if Justin would want some if it is only just in so to speak;-)

  3. Anonymous8:33 PM

    I've been reading your blog for quite while and never commented, but now ...
    Being rather UNDERWEIGHT as it is I'm quite fed up with all the offered diet advice I get everywhere. I hear "You're too thin" very, very often (NOT by my doctors, mind you, they're okay with it. Small body frames do exist, after all) and on every other daily news website I get informed what I should do to lose weight. Thank you very much, I now understand why so many people are way, way to obsessed with healthy weights - going in BOTH directions.
    It's up to me and my GP to decide if I'm healthy, NOT Sainsbury's!

  4. Anonymous12:07 AM

    Lighten up people, it's just marketing crap. Just toss it in the bin and knock yourself out with a McDonalds.

  5. Indeed, the supermarkets want it both ways, they want in on the dieting club market and they still want to push shelves full of fatty and surgery crap in the run up to xmas and easter.

    Seems like a cunning business model to me! :)

  6. microdave12:11 PM

    The same Sainsbury's that always manages to run out of staple, everyday items, yet has shelves full of "exotics".

    The same Sainsbury's who are busy ripping out conventional tills, and replacing them with "Self Service" ones....

    Sorry Mr King, but if you want to be successful, get rid of your useless stock control systems, and give me SERVICE, don't expect me to do it myself.

    I've realised now why they use the slogan "Try something different today" - it's because they never have what I actually want...

  7. Anonymous6:16 PM

    I am fed up with the hectoring you get when shopping, the b*****ds are there to sell you what you desire and can afford. although this is getting more difficult by the week. They are pimps for every crackpot idea that springs from the brain dead idiots in parliament.