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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Booze Matters - Tesco

I see that Tesco are having a wee bit of trouble in applying for a licence to sell booze from their store in East Road Cambridge (between 11am-11pm).

The local police, and certain councillors, fear that "cheap" booze sold so near a school and "Jimmy's Night Shelter" could lead to a rise in alcohol related crime.

Errmmm...two points:

1 Supermarkets have rather tedious rules about selling booze to anyone who looks remotely under the age of 25 (unless they can produce an id). How likely is it that the store will sell it to the kids?

2 Does Cambridge not already have supermarkets, off licenses and pubs that sell booze? I seem to recall that it is full of them (indeed the local students are well known for imbibing in "Brideshead Revisited" quantities...yes, I know that was set in Oxford!).

It seems rather prissy to me for some people to be objecting to Tesco selling booze.

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  1. Another example of busy bodies wanting to impose their agendas onto the rest of us.

    Personally I can see the irony in self styled Tesco Nanny effectively being snookered by the type of thought police policies that she imposes on others....What goes around and all that.

  2. microdave4:28 PM

    I think you made a mistake in the article - shouldn't it read under the age of 75, not 25....

  3. Uncle John9:34 AM

    Taking this together with the "Silly Billies" post (You have to be 'over 18' to look at a website that lists bars) - and the proliferation of 'warning signs' in shops, I suggest a chain which only allows persons who can prove they are 'over 25' to enter

    To save on labelling every product, it will trade as "MAY CONTAIN NUTS"