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Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Dangers of Trampolines

TrampolineAnd we're back in the room!

Sorry for the couple of days absence folks, a few matters elsewhere to attend to.

Anyhoo, my thanks to Uncle John for his recent post about London and Quadrant Housing Association (L&Q) in Lewisham.

They have a thing about trampolines, as Sharon Farmer who has erected a 14ft one each year for the past 10 years in communal gardens in Lewisham found out.

Gosh, that's quite an erection!

Anyhoo, being quick off the mark (ten years after the first erection) L&Q have just decreed that this may pose a health and safety risk; they have demanded that it be de erected.

Ten years without incident might give a clue as to how dangerous this erection (which has a safety net around it) really is.

Anyhoo, L&Q have allowed the trampoline to remain until the end of the school holidays.

So, correct me if I am wrong, if this erection is so dangerous why are they allowing it to remain up for a few more weeks?

This makes no sense whatsoever!

BTW, the kids aren't allowed to play ball games there either...what is it, a prison camp?

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  1. Tonk.2:19 PM

    Another example of a pseudo official body flexing its muscles to make the sheeple used to following orders, so that following official diktats, won't be such an alien concept, as we sink further and further into the EUSSR.

  2. Lord of Atlantis2:42 PM

    Since when, Ken, have the jerks working for these type of official bodies had ANY sense at all? This is just another example of petty jobsworths trying to use health and safety as a pretext to make life hell for the peasants, er, sorry, the children of their tenants. These kind of people probably love to run their estates on the lines of a prison camp then, when the local children
    'play up' because they don't have anywhere to go or anything to do, to work off their energy, I bet these said jobsworths are the first to complain about 'juvenile delinquency' and report this 'anti-social behaviour' to the police, demanding they receive ASBO'S. However, ten years without an incident strikes me as a very safe activity: I wonder how many deaths or serious injuries occurred on Lewisham's roads during the same period?

  3. I wonder how the manufacturers of the trampoline would view the council’s decision that their product is dangerous.

    Perhaps Ms Farmer should write to them and let them know. After all, if they are producing and selling products that could injure her children and their friends, then they should face some sort of prosecution.

    Write a letter Ms Farmer, keep using the trampoline, and let the shit hit the fan.

  4. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Did you say automated checkouts?

    Don't get me started on automated checkouts!

    Everywhere you go nowadays there seem to be fewer humans at the checkouts and more robots.
    I'm not entirely complaining. Any new gadget seems to exert some strange hypnotic
    pull over me like the light bulb and the moth. However, what does go against the grain
    is the constant innuendo of being a thief. Like: "Please remove unexpected item from baggage area [you thieving swine you]".

    At Sainsbury it's more like a medley of: "Please remove unexpected item" and "Please wait for assistance [you thieving swine you]".

    I just realised yesterday why it asks how many bags you've brought. It's so it can estimate the weight of the bags for the purpose of more accurately deciding whether or not you're a thieving swine.

    The other day at a DIY store when it looked like a heavy lift job to the scanner was on the cards, I
    set my sunglasses down. The first thought was: 'don't set them there or you'll be accused of being a thieving swine, set them here instead'. Then, the moment I'd managed a squat thrust with the cement, it said: "Please remove unexpected item ... and start again [you thieving swine you]".

    I was toying with the idea of putting the bags in the trolley and then putting the items straight
    into the bags after scanning, but it would probably trigger a: "Please wait for assistance" message
    followed by a: "No, you can't do that".

    And, you can bet your bottom dollar that the supermarket databases with have recorded the date and time of the first use of the automated checkouts, for updates to customer classifications, eg early adopter, Luddite etc.

    There might be something to be said for the supermarkets just throttling back a little on the tolerances and airing on the side of: “no it's not theft it's probably just a butterfly sneezing in the baggage area”.

  5. Anonymous6:08 PM

    It's true: to err is human.

  6. microdave8:56 PM

    "Gosh, that's quite an erection!"

    "Allowing it to remain up for a few more weeks"

    "Play ball games"

    Where is this all leading, Ken???

  7. Bastards. If they try to play with my erection they'll be getting it in the ass!