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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Booze Matters - Scotland's Retreat?

I see that Scottish Nanny has failed in her attempts to introduce minimum pricing on booze.

Game over?

Yes, and no.

Nanny never likes to be defeated, and therefore has identified another area of people's lives to poke her nose into.

Here is an extract from today's Press and Journal:

"..You have only to look at some of the figures issued recently by Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon. On alcohol, she claimed her proposals on minimum pricing would save more than £50million in the first year. A few months ago, she said obesity was costing £457million a year, rising to a predicted £3billion in 20 years."

Scottish Nanny, it seems, will be turning her attention to "overweight" people now.

Minimum prices on "fatty" food maybe?

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