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Friday, September 03, 2010

Booze Matters

Imagine my delight, and joy, when I read that the Scottish parliament wants to charge only 45p for booze.

My goodness me, what an excellent idea and bargain!

Now imagine my disappointment on reading the article properly, to find that in fact this is 45p per unit. In effect they are putting the price of booze up.

Seemingly, some "study" has "proven" that 50 lives a year will be saved by charging at this rate.

My suspicion is that this charge is bollocks and will achieve now't, other than swell the government's coffers. The Nordic countries have such a policy, yet there are still many heavy drinkers there and indeed many illegal home brew "stills".

Do the MSPs have access to parliamentary bars that are subsidised by Scottish taxpayers?

By the way, by happenstance, I also read that that the amount of booze consumed in the UK has in fact fallen.

Sounds to me as if this pricing policy is utter bollocks, and just a ploy to raise taxes!

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  1. Just more rules to get the sheeple to comply, so they think nothing is odd when Nanny starts to dictate in every area of their lives.....This starts in school and eventually, those of us born more than fifty years ago will die out and the new generation will be happy for the state to dictate and control their lives, because they will know no different.....Even now we see examples of people crying because they expect the state to interfere and provide everything for them from housing to wiping their arses, Nanny has taken away personal reponsibility and thus, choice; everyone knows their rights but forget, that with rights come duties.

    I suspect most of these so called health measures are more about control and raising cash.....Kerching.

    Just laugh at Hi-Viz.

    BTW, off topic but important to me.....Has anyone tried to find out just what powers a plastic plod has and what ones obligations are to these pcsos when one has dealings with them?.....I have searched extensively on line and have found that, the PCSOs powers vary from force to force.
    Questions that I have tried to find answers to are these;

    Must I give a name and addresss if asked?
    Must I account for myself?
    Must I stand and talk to them?
    Can they detain me if I've not committed an offence?
    Do they have warrants?

    It seems to me that the actual role and the powers of a PCSO are very ambiguious.....Is that by design I wonder?

  2. David J Hilton12:47 PM

    Quite a coincidence that Bliary Poppins wrote in his 'memoirs' that he was concerned with how much he drank.

    Further proof that MP's are in no position to tell what to do!

  3. I couldn’t give a fuck about Scotland or their drinking laws. So in answer to your off topic questions Tonk, these are my understandings of the powers of the plastic police…….

    Despite the fact that ’You may harm your defence…..etc….etc…. You have the right to remain silent and therefore not give your name and address. In fact, the police (including the plastic police) have no right to ask for your name and address unless you have committed an offence for which you can be arrested.

    You never have to account for yourself. If the police suspect that you have committed an offence or are going to commit an offence, it is their job to provide evidence and not your job to provide an alibi. You are completely innocent until proven guilty and it is not your role to prove your innocence.

    You do not have to talk to the police. You can, and should remain silent. There is no point ever speaking to a policeman. You do not have to stand and listen to anything a ‘special’ has to say to you because………..

    ……..A ‘special’ has no powers of arrest or search. They will, of course, call a proper policeman if an arrest or search is required, and they will probably try to exceed their powers whenever the mood takes them. If you decide to simply walk away from a ‘special’, I suspect that they have the same power to detain you as anyone else has under the law of ‘Citizen’s Arrest’.

    They are not issued with warrants as they have no powers for arrest or search.

  4. Now we now how they intended to pay for the free hospital car parking and student fees...

    Of course, the inevitable side effect of setting a minimum price per unit of alcohol is a lot more homebrewing (I guess no bad thing), plus increased sales of certain mouthwashes and pure meths for some demographics.

  5. Down here in Dorset some boozers are already in full production.

    A friend of a friend of mine produced over 1600 gallons of homebrewed cider last year. He didn't sell that by the unit I can tell you.

    Expect such behaviour to increase. "The more you tighten your grip Governer Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers..."

  6. What I don't understand about this is that the SNP are a minority government,

    The Scottish Conservatives and the Scottish labour Party voted against this ridiculous new tax, Scottish LibDem abstained, although they did state that the policy was "taking a narrow view" on the issue of alcohol abuse.

    Surely they can block this ridiculous notion? Or has that ballbag Salmond invented a new law where his ridiculous party cannot be stopped?

    Also, why has no-one questioned the data they are using to impose this law? All the quotes come from their own Deputy Leader - Nicola Sturgeon, who was never actually elected prior to becoming Deputy Leader, other than as an additional member.

    I don't know what her credentials as an expert on alcohol are, given her previous career as a solicitor, however, I doubt she has any.

    The sooner these nationalist idiots are voted out, the better! (and I say that as someone living in an SNP stronghold)